Polyamorous (event weapon) is really disappointing - am I missing something?

Up front to get this out of the way: I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic on a mid tier reward that would take under an hour to get. Just let it be known that I had modest expectations the whole way. On with the show!

Admittedly I haven’t used it extensively but so far its functionally identical to a Burzum (Vladof Alien Barrel AR) witht he Maliwan ability to swap between Fire and Shock. As near as I can tell it’s unlikely to be even nearly as good as a Burzum because of the ability to farm a bunch of Burzums and get some nice mods and anointments.

Damage wise the performance compared to a fairly standard Burzum also appears nearly identical in terms of DPS, number of targets hit and the range of the beams to latch onto secondary targets.

It’s only advantage is players can switch between shock and fire but at the same time it’s also it’s greatest weakness as it only comes in shock and fire so it’s always going to be weak against armour in comparison to what a Burzum can do.

As a big side note: Honestly speaking, non-legendary alien barrel AR’s need a generic boost. They’re really interesting in their diversity but too lacklustre on their damage output to be worth actually using in Mayhem Mode. Some aren’t terrible but it just seems there’s always something else better. Yes btw, IMO the same can be said for the laser sploder.

So… Am I missing something here or is it simply a bit of a lazy retread of a Burzum?

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