Polymorus...can it drop Binary?

I got a superb one

Fire / shock
44 mag

With the anoint of +125 Incendiary Damage on next two mags (which is about the best you can get on Moze)

Just Curious…

Does this gun (it’s a Laser) have the ability to drop Binary like the Ion Laser…

Anyone know?

Tried it i the Slaughter Shaft and it’s VERY powerful but bounces up and down a lot…Kind of like Moxxies Vibra Pulse.

Far as I know the only variable is the anointment, everything else appears locked.

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Thanks! Kinda what I expected when I saw how specifically it was named in the reward package.

Parts on the two Event guns are locked and the base stats are always identical. Which sadly makes the Polyaimourous even worse…