Poor Balancing on Level 5 perks

First and foremost…I love Shayne & Aurox (I have fully unlocked their story already), but I have a serious problem with the Helix choice on her 5th level. “Don’t Stop Running” is a buff to the duration of her already poor passive, which is little more than an additional escape tool, when Aurox/ her shield is down (as far as I have understood it, as I haven’t really noticed any kind of effect actually). “The Immortal Aegis” is a very essential tool to keep her shield up on the other hand, as the shield is also the source of her good melee damage (no shield = less melee). I am Lvl 10 so far, so I don’t know if her last mutation adds a choice there, but there is no choice at this stage of the Helix (…one is essential…the other something you choose by missclicking) and I see this as a serious balancing problem.

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I really like the fleet boost personally. Never underestimate more speed on command.

I’m in the same camp as you but as long as there are people who like and choose the option - which fyrefox45 suggests there is - then it’s worth existing.

At least the options on level 5 aren’t as horrifying as in level 6.

Level 6 gives me nightmares.

Yet both of these option are kinda balanced in their strength