Poor card quality management. Can happen or intention?

At a certain point, which I will not explain in detail here; it is possible to appear “under” the map and open all kinds of boxes from there.
OK; mostly only Muni.
But that is irrelevant!
Did you intentionally just look at the pace and deliberately not seen such mistakes or was it just a magical QM?

Can you say whole speech again in english?



All I’m saying is, I don’t fully understand your post. For example. What is “Muni”?

And what does QM stand for?

And what do you mean “appear under the map”?

So my english is already bad, but yours is really bad!

You have a problem with “Quality Management” ?


The abbreviation for ammunition in german = Muni

It’s also the currency in Kingdom Hearts, so I understand the confusion.

Are we here in “Kingdom Hearts” or in BL-3?

Wouldn’t be first time somebody referred to money as something other than money. The fact that you capitalized meant that it was a proper noun (a name) so it was a simple misinterpretation.

In English it’s “Ammo”. “Muni” would probably be “Municipality”. QM would be QA (and/or QC).

Blame Google Translate for the Googlish/Googleutsche confusion.

My english is fine.

Quality management is usually Quality Assurance or QA here in the states.

What does your subject mean? “poor card quality management”? And what do you mean by “can happen or intention”? There’s no context.

well. To be fair. Muni could be short for munitions. Still. There’s barely enough context in this post to understand.

Here’s what I think he’s saying:

“poor quality assurance. Or was this intentional? I won’t tell you how but at a certain point in the game you can go under the map and open tons of boxes. They are mostly filled with ammunition. Did you guys accelerate development too much and just not see this?”

I thought finding interesting ways to break out of the map was part of the meta game in the Borderlands series? Maybe the developers just wanted to reward creative players!


Should I now post a video to show the place where you come under the map or how do you want to tackle the problem?

I just think it’s funny that there were so many paid test players, as you can see in the credits.
But nobody searched for it afterwards.

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added to my must find list, maybe get lots of money to Buy SDU’s from the underworld or maybe this is like FO76 developer room some found a way to glitch into?

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Best thing is to file a bug report via the support form and include/link the video.


Something in the way I meant.
Thanks !

PM: FO76 has punished the players who visited this “FO76 developer room” !

Yeah, I read about that. Circumstances appear to have been a little different there though? :man_shrugging:

I would like to see the video if you have it.

Yes, sure.
And then I get a spell for an illegal action.
Certainly not !

hhaha a “spell”