Poor frames on fresh install - software issue or new gpu time?

Hi there :slight_smile: Only recently got into Borderlands after briefly playing at a friend’s house, so bought the series and have started playing through. I know my system’s getting old so opened Borderlands 2 first to see what the playability is like and I just can’t get it to hold 60fps! I’m using a GTX 660. There’s a deal at a local electronics shop on an EVGA 1070 and I think I’m going to pull the trigger on it whether this is software or not -what do you think?

Borderlands has some inherent stability issues that make holding 60 fps extremely difficult. I’m unsure how sensitive you are to the frame drops or how regular the they are for you, but a word of warning even the Gtx 1070 is unlikely to be immune to sub 60 drops.

You didn’t say what system you’re running on, but that can also have an effect since the game and engine were optimised for systems covering from WIndows XP to 7.

Check the following thread out and try some of the options outlined there before you buy a new card:

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