Poor Kid Ultra, all dressed up and no where to go

So new character coming. Exciting? Could have been if there was something to do with him that we haven’t done hundreds of times already.

Let’s see, feed him to the ravenous hordes of PVP?

Take him to the new DLC, nope totally disconnected from the reset of the game, no xp, no helix unlocks.

So we’re left with the same PVE maps we’ve had from the beginning.

You had a chance to actually add some content to keep PVE fresh and interesting and you didn’t.

What do you mean by this?

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If you take a new character into the DLC, the only thing they’ll earn are ops points.

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Really, are you sure? I’ve heard nothing about this. Any pics? I’d be surprised as they showcased Ernest in the first footage. This would be a major mistake.
And now this just seems like you’re complaining about not liking the game in general. This seems completely separate from Kid Ultra


False, I watched my bf play through the DLC several times with Pendles and he got levels (reached level 10 and got the reward for that) and challenge progression for Pendles’ lore.


OK, I’m wrong. You actually took a zero xp character into the DLC and earned both ops points and xp?

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Not sure I replied to you but -
OK, I’m wrong. You actually took a zero xp character into the DLC and earned both ops points and xp?

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Excuse me. I read nothing about earning xp in the DLC. Everything I read said it awarded ops points. I don’t have any characters that are less than 15 so I can’t test it myself. I’ll test it Thursday.

Well, everyone says I’m wrong and Kid Ultra can start out in the DLC and level up just like in the old maps. I’m surprised that you can earn both xp and ops points for the same mission, but everyone says you can. Just wish we’d gotten good old fashioned long content.

I tested it on several chars and you can get xp and ops points. Also Kid Ultra will be able to go through and get the skins… whether that is on release or a later patch I’m not sure, just that I read he would be able to get the rewards

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Thanks, good to know.

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What I would’ve said has been said for me (slightly less polite than I would’ve been but that’s just because I don’t want to offend anyone ever for any reason) by ^


When you look THIS good, you don’t need to “go” anywhere.


A short advice for everyone to stop the personal talk and insults. Thanks.

To @GreyWarden007 : appearently you misunderstood some points about the DLC-operations. To state these misunderstandings as facts can lead to harsh reactions as seen here, so at best just edit your topic to avoid such incidents.

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There’s currently a bug GBX knows about where you won’t achieve any score after the end of the mission, but it’s supposed to function as any other mission with the addition of OPs points.

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Don’t worry, you won’t hear from me again, and just for the record, facts about this game have been scarcer than hen’s teeth.

I’m certainly not going to waste any more time on a game that has been out since May and now can’t even keep score.

Hmm, I don’t know…I feel like there are lots of facts to learn about the game if people actually try to look for them.

The score bug has no impact on your XP gains or rewards and it currently affects all PvE missions / Operations. The only time I have generally experienced it is while playing with certain people (@Ginger_greninja) with less than ideal internet speeds and I have run the Operation over a dozen times.


Isn’t all of Aus internet speeds ‘less than ideal?’

At least I’m up to a consistent 7-8 MBs up and 1MBs down on ADSL2+ now

Still trash tier in a global context :frowning:

The greninja effect goes well beyond the parameters of internet speed.

This is why we can’t have nice things (or > zero match score) ! :sob: