Poor looking Inventory on PS4

Started playing Borderlands 2 and to me it looks like the Menu/Inventory is low res…Blurred and crappy to be honest…
Any word of a fix for this and you guys agree?
Rest of the game looks really sharp but the menu’s are gash…

Also when u hover over dropped weapons on the floor the colours seem really faded and washed out

You guys should definitely nitpick a little more.

I agree I thought my TV’s color was out of whack but nope the colors do look really light. They don’t have that bright colorful look that Borderlands 2 had.

Actually what i should do is expect a certain standard when buying a product…
Perhaps if people like you didnt except less than whats promised they’d be less unfinished/broken games rushed out…

They promised you super bright colors? Did they promise some cheese with that whine?

No they didn’t promise cheese but I think people were expecting a better looking and running game. I know you are getting a lot for your money but games are starting to be as popular as the biggest movies if not surpassing popularity of Hollywood blockbusters. When someone drops 60 bucks or more on a game they are expecting near perfection. Sorry if you don’t like to hear people state they’re opinions and concerns of a product that they adore and spent they’re money on.

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The color isnt going to look the same for everyone. The game was also increased to 60fps. Telling someone that what they made was “crap” might not be the most effective way to accomplish anything constructive.

You don’t seem to be contributing anything helpful.
There are some issues, and they can’t be addressed or fixed if people don’t mention them.


I’ve noticed this too. Game looks generally awesome apart from this.


I never said it was crap but there are issues that should be brought to developers attention or sometimes things never do change. I love the Borderlands series and that’s also why I think that certain issues or problems with the game should be discussed.

There is a bug post thread, and this one has been mentioned.