Poor loot level scaling

Ok, been playing for a while now, am almost level 50. What I noticed since start of the game is that loot scales poorly with your character level. Right now, in fact, I find level 45 weapons, while I’m almost 50. That applies to all sources of loot, from Marcus to Typhon’s stashes. This is really upsetting as leveling in Bl3 is no piece of cake, but requires hours of dedication. And to make things worse, enemies scale PROPERLY with my level…i.e. I’m having troubles doing Torgue’s trial. Red stashes contain nothing but blues and an occasional purple… If not all greens. Got some leg’s from some kills but nothing really game-changing. What is your impression?

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In normal… You hardly notice the increase :rofl: I’ve been playing M4 (old) with underlevel weapons and still wrecked everything.

Don’t stare yourself blind on the weapon level until you reach endgame

Well I wouldn’t… if weapons weren’t so…meh. I don’t wreck anything tbh, and a tough foe still requires something like… 15 shots from a sniper to fall. My snipers do like… 1900dmg per shot. Either I’m super unlucky with finds, or there’s something definitely wrong with me.

Not just about the weapons :wink: your build and other gear are equally important

Well my post emphasized weapons, but other things drop just the same way… 4/5 levels behind mine. I can’t exceed 500 item level, and some things I found that were “540ish” proved to be underperforming at best. What should I do?

Best tip I can give you, just farm a boss you can kill the fastest :wink:

Gigamind is a pretty fast farm :wink: (bring cryo and it’s even easier)

If you have the DLC, the boss in the tower (the one before the end boss) is a great farm

Or play online :wink: don’t know if you want to play endgame or just level characters (playing co-op can boost you to max level really fast)

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I have all DLCs, as I have season pass. Gigamind is quite low level, does it provide good drop? Moreover I’m inches away from finishing the main campaign, so I was waiting for completion to do something else. I’m not really oriented to farming like crazy just to obtain gear if I must repeat things over and over with no storyline to follow.

If you play online, ideally weapons should be dropping at your level.

You can then go back to your own game with on-level gear.

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Ok got a little update: finished the game today, and got to level 50. Now… Shops sell up to date stuff. Can’t do mayhem, too hard, I’m thinking of going tvh. Suggestions?

If you turn mayhem mode on (even 1 level will do) everything should be dropping at level for you. (I’m guessing if you’re level 50 you’ve finished the main story and unlocked mayhem mode.) Just like the previous games, you’ll notice that maps don’t really scale up in NVHM after the story is completed - you need either mayhem or TVHM for that to happen.

What level did you try? The first few levels shouldn’t be that bad unless you’re really unlucky with the modifiers (at which point you can re-roll them anyway).

Level 50 obtained not long ago. Tried mh1 but doing trials or other things is really really hard. My shots don’t even dent enemies. Began tvhm and things got better. Loot scaling properly BUT still greens and blues, nothing special. To give you an idea of my situation, my shogun is leg and does around 4k per shot being level 45. A jakobs one. My sniper really sux needing about 4 shots to kill. I got a very good rocket launcher, its leg and hurls a helix of fire. Lotsa damage. Oh and i’m a siren, with red capstone and balanced blue and green. Mayhem is not an option atm. Unless i do underlevel content.

Double post just to update: I entered MH1. Gazillions of weapons, good overall power. Matter is… I’m too lazy to just do the campaign for the 2nd time. Grinding is definitely not for me, so… I think I’m done with this game after about 50 hours of play. Thanks for your patience.