Poor mans guide to The Hunt

When the 2019 Hunt was on, the video and highlights from our top players was amazing. Not just the skill, but the effort and painstaking attention to crafting a plan that balances time and reward.

As an avid but pretty ordinary player, a huge chunk of the interesting weapons card are out of my scope…to complete UVHM on all classes is more than enough to be happy about. But as a player, I always whinge about RNG, over the three playthroughs. So, with that in mind, and perhaps an inkling of BL3 coming in the next 12 months, decided to embark on my Hunt, to put to rest once and for all, how much typically drops on a character run, to Op0.

Time is always an issue, so I modified my rules. A max of 15 runs on a farming effort at each playthrough for designated drops. Count a world drop. And will allow my UVHM toon to go back to NVHM, once the warrior is defeated to help add to the scorecard. I am using Sal.

Its been interesting. 20 days in, and 45 hours of play. Just about to reach the run to Saturn in TVHM. 122 points so far, 15 legendaries. I have invested over 2,000 hours in BL2 since it was released - finally got the Hellfire to drop, as with a Mongol for th first time ever. The only exception to my farming rule was for a Fastball, which took 72 runs.

Finally, level 35 Harold is still functioning at level 49, and my level 36 Bee still works when asked. Normally I would have gone to one of my mules to update my Harold and Bee through TVHM, but having to use what I find shows how fantastic these weapons really are.

BL2 is truly a wonderful game, and as we get caught up in the BL3 hype, small moments like this reminds us of how important it is to get these games properly constructed before release. It is not perfect, but its a damn close thing