Poor performance after latest update/patch Xbox one

Every since the last update game runs HORRIBLE on both my Xbox one and Xbox one S. Game studders or freezes like crazy every 10 seconds or so really bad when moving a lot ( which is a lot this is borderlands ) I have tried deleteing and downloading again. Tried moving to and from my external SSD. Only thing that seems to work is going offline. It’s not my connection I have fiber optic already called the my internet provider. Brought my Xbox to my parents tried on their internet completely different internet provider same thing… Game is about unplayable.

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Not sure what they did but my game started crashing on me yesterday. I play on an Xbox One X and haven’t had any problems with crashes previously. It crashed 3 times yesterday and then twice today before I went in and lowered my resolution to 1080p. It hasn’t crashed since I did that.

I started this game for the first time yesterday on a vanilla Xbox one - the frame drops render it almost unplayable. It seems to have small ‘jumps’ when an enemy dies, or throws a grenade, or there are too many enemies…too many things to list.

Go into options then visuals and change graphics preference to performance it should fix the frame rate.

I do not have that option under options/visuals - I only have “calibrate display”, “calibrate safe area”, “field of view”, and “vehicle field of view”. I did see your tip elsewhere as well - perhaps I don’t have that option because I’m not on an Xbox one X?

hmm, it should be the top option in visuals I have the x so maybe it’s only for that.