Poor sportsmanship being promoted in games

I know that I am about to be bombarded by the majority but I feel like this has to be brought up. Why does this game and others feel the need to promote poor sportsmanship in the way of taunts? What has happened to good sports on both the losing and winning sides? Maybe I’m just old but I don’t feel the need to attempt to belittle or insult a player I beat nor do I desire to be treated in such a manner. Honor seems to be a thing of the past. And before anyone comments and says that it’s just a game and nobody has any ill intent when taunting, I call bs. When you are taunting another player you are attempting to belittle them and disrespect them. As if there wasn’t already enough toxicisity in the online community now developers are promoting it. It’s just sad how far people are falling.


Rly? I find funny must of the taunts… And hey some ppl like me spent money on them.

How am i going to use my fancy shane & aurox dance if i dont get a kill and force you to watch my dance .

Personally i dont feel any kind of harm if toby tells you " hey buddy you did your best, thats awesome"
Or rath taking care of his nails or melka’s drunk dance.

So what do you suggest?

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You’re too sensitive buddy. It’s not poor sportsmanship, it’s a silly game that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Of course, any argument I make to you will just be replied with “something, something, toxic, something, something, insulting.”

It’s not poor sportsmanship to taunt, if you think it is, you need thicker skin.

THAT is poor sportsmanship, and actually toxic. The taunts aren’t even close.

TL;DR: It’s not toxic, because no one is insulting you. You need to take a chill pill, because you are taking this game, and yourself WAY too seriously if an animation tilts you.


ALSO, if you’re getting mad after you are taunted, then aren’t you the toxic one for getting mad over nothing?

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You are assuming that I am actually getting “upset” about it. The only thing I feel when I see it is disappointment in humanity. I can see that you are fairly young or you were raised differently than me. But as for me I was raised to show respect to all those I competed against. So you disagree, I figured most people would. It’s the world we live in so I’m not surprised.


You weren’t disappointed when they chased you down and killed you dead - just when they did a little animation at the end of it? The BB taunt each other automatically (most call-outs are insults of some kind)… there are times when taunts are obviously meant to be aggressive, like when new players are being spawn camped and some jerk is taunting every one, but I really don’t think they’re the downfall of humanity.


A single act may not be the downfall of humanity, but a single act can show how far it has fallen.


That, right there, you should take that out of your tude when you speak to people around here.

Age has nothing to do with it, there are 15 year olds more mature than either of us on these forums. That being said, taunting has nothing to do with disrespect, not unless the taunter is making a concious effort to curb stomp the enemy.

Like that. THAT is toxic.

We probably weren’t raised too differently, I’m just more laid back than you are.

You are reading WAY to far into the reason for the taunts. And it sounds more like you’ve just been looking for a reason to despair at people. [quote=“mrjvasquez1986, post:5, topic:1555261”]
It’s the world we live in so I’m not surprised.

Don’t you think you’re being a little over dramatic? It’s a videogame, if you can’t have fun, at the very least don’t drag the rest of us down with you.

EDIT:[quote=“mrjvasquez1986, post:5, topic:1555261”]
You are assuming that I am actually getting “upset” about it.

Yes, I’d imagine you must be, otherwise why would you have made this post?


I’m going to go ahead a be obvious here. I disagree with you. And age does matter in most cases, most youth do not maintain a level of maturity that their elders have. I see it one way, you another. That’s fine. All of this is ofcourse my opinion, of which I am entitled.


Like i said: [quote=“dantesolar, post:2, topic:1555261”]
So what do you suggest?

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Also want to comment on your attempts to get a rise out of me, it’s humorous. Continuously implying that I must be upset. Why? Because I made a post? No. I made this post to start a discussion and see what others might feel about the “issue” as I see it. You may not agree as most may not but I’m sure I’m not alone in my thinking.


Sure, but when your opinion seems to look down on others because of their age, I think it’d be best if you kept that to yourself. It comes off as a tad rude, at least through text.

Either way, I find it hard to believe that you’d take time out of your day to make a post about how taunting is unsportsmanlike, if you weren’t upset because it happened.

Regardless, I’ll leave it here, since I can already tell this is going to go nowhere good rather quickly.


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Oh idk man. Truthfully I don’t think it will change. I like the emotes that are a bow or some sign of respect to the other players efforts. But a majority of society would have the disrespectful sort imo.


I don’t look down on people due to their age, I’ve met younger people that are quite mature for their age, not many but some. What I do look down on is the mindset behind wanting to taunt someone they beat. A taunt which imo is a gesture of disrespect most times with ill intent. Now I will agree that there are some “taunts” that aren’t disrespectful but most are unfortunately.


I can only think of caldarius, reyna and thorn having agressive taunts. Who else have rly aggresive taunts?

I laugh when benedict take a break for lunch or ernest moving his tail feathers. I guess is personal if you think they are not honorable, they dont have to be… They are taunts and oh man it feels so good when he taunts you, you taunts him and is a fight to see who gets the last taunt.

I dont see why is bad, they are to have fun and oh man is so funny to kill a player in middle of a taunt and taunt and get killed and be taunted followed by an other death and taunt all in your death screen.

I guess we just disagree, I was raised a certain way that will cause me to always look down on stuff like that. And do keep in mind that although I posted this on a battleborn forum, my problem isn’t just with this game. Many games support this behavior. Where people see me as overly sensitive I see them as close minded and inconsiderate. Not saying that you are, but some.


And this is where I say the most contemptuous thing I can do is not even bothering to exert the energy to taunt…and note my favorite taunts are Alani and miko’s bows and boldur laughing at death.

It’s a mind game, what I got drilled into me was “lose your temper lose your life”

I know some people who lose their cool when taunted and those are the ones I would taunt so they get angry and make more mistakes for me to exploit


I guess when I think about it I look back on my time on the basketball team and at the end whether win or lose it was always a respectful exchange, hand shaking and good jobs all around. That’s not what you see online, it’s like people think because they aren’t right in front of another person so it’s okay to taunt. But back when I played sports you didn’t see that attitude towards the people you were competing against. I wish the online community was more like my days on the basketball court I guess. And just because this is a game doesn’t matter. You are still competing against other people so to me it’s the same concept.

See? I just disagree with that, I feel like I would be disrespecting another player if I taunted them so I don’t. I don’t want to upset another person either that’s just not me.

Hey! Ok 1986, so Im going to respond on your level, since I am a 1985 and I actually know what you are referring to in your initial post.

Taunts like these are a thing now. They used to not be a thing back in our competitive olden days of AOE and SC, etc.

However, i want you to take the nostalgia glasses off acting like “back in our day, we were less toxic and more respectful yaddah yaddah”.

No! We weren’t - the comp scenes of SC and AOE was pretty damn ugly and we taunted through keyboard chat relentlessly and when we did not get our way, we found out their email etc and started punting their butts and doing all sorts of weird things via IM and so on. This was all common place.

TLDR, taunts might be considered to add to a toxic element now, but if you are really 1986 and played competitive games in the late 90s and early 00’s, please remove the nostalgia from your eyes because we were all just as toxic as these youngins with their purchased PG-13 taunts