Poor sportsmanship being promoted in games

'85 here too. Represent :stuck_out_tongue:

I played 90s multiplayer games that were way more toxic than BB (Diablo 1) and also ones that were far more mature (Everquest).

Me, I taunt because I like seeing Mellka on my screen. :heart:


The difference is I don’t much care about sentiment.

I typically don’t taunt unless I suspect the person will lose their cool and make mistakes

I actually had a chaos rumble as marquis where I got 8 kills against a shayne who made the mistake of trash talking over mic(and went on to win the objective because I didn’t target him when it would harm the objective)

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I taunt for several reasons. Usually not to disrespect. I taunt those who have taunted me already(usually unsalted. For fun) I taunt in 1v1s. I taunt if you have been notably potent in a match. If you have unsuccessfully tried to backdoor(especially if it’s been multiple times)

And there are a couple of other reasons why I taunt as well. I taunt if I am a counter to your character. I taunt if I killed a pendles. If I taunt you and I counter your character it’s to see if I can put you on tilt hard enough to abandon reason and try to fight me. I taunt pendles because I already play the match with the idea of that if he isn’t within sight he is right behind me, and taunting pendles can often draw his aggro fulfilling my more concervwtive playstyle when he is in a match

If I make people upset at my taunting I am sorry mostly. But I see no reason to not revel in the glory of my victory or to not test your focus and objectivity in a match by avoiding taunting.

Lastly I will add, and in no way mean to disrespect you at all (but have no way of not potentially offending you in the same way I have no control over offending someone from taunting) that when someone talks about something and they choose to blame the offending party on something such as they are the younger party it makes it nigh impossible for me personally to sympathize with your view point


There were already many many threads about this topic, and often it escalated since people have very different opinions on what is insulting or not, honorable or not, ect.

Please, discuss this without any accusations, personal comments or attacks, even in the mildest form.

People are different, some may have social anxieties or simply another view of sportsmanship, moral, manors, ect.
That means some people have a thicker hide than others, theres no need to fall back to “you need to pull yourself together / grow a pair”-speeches.

Here our Forum Rules , please read them.


Not to try and seem like I’m better than you, because I don’t think like that, but that was never me. Idk, I’ve always had a desire to be respectful to the people I was in compitition with. Probably because it was drilled into me pretty early on. We’re as you are correct, even in our time there was poor sportsmanship, I don’t ever recall seeing something built into the game itself that promoted it. And that is where I am having the issue. emphasized text

I treined, karate-do, iaido, aikido, kendo and Taekwon-do.

Is not the same… A normal battleborn match is like a fight in a bar… You do not honor your foe, the fight probably started because something disrispectfull happened, in battleborn we sre fighting to show off.

A tournament is when everyone honor the enemy, they are strong and are there to show their skills to the other and respectfull their skilld too. Is a safe area of commun acknowledge of skill and passion.

Apologise for my bad grammar :frowning:

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I get the gist of the thread and on a tiny level, sorta agree, but the thing is, while taunting can be used as a way to belittle your opponent, it can also be used to be silly while playing a super silly game.

Do I think it’s distasteful when an experienced players taunts a newbie while spawn camping or chasing down to base? Yeah, no doubt.

Do I think it’s distasteful if El Dragon does his flexing pose after getting a pentakill? Hell no, I’d find it distasteful if he didn’t do it…

In other words, embrace the silliness, and ignore ppl who actually want to be toxic.

Seriously, Melka’s line against Thorn are way more irritating than any taunt could be… >.>


You know what, coming from that age, i agree with you. it’s pretty foreign of a concept for video games to monetize taunting animations.

1986 - the way I look at it though is that these taunts probably indirectly chill out a player base more and cause them to be LESS toxic. Because instead of venting over ventrillo like we did (do people still use that anymore) or going on crazy keyboard rants mid-game, people just press the right button on the controller pad and have the game do a PG-13 animation for them.

It’s like…instead of people venting out their superiority via keyboard or voice, which as you know - we did ALL the time and don’t even try to deny it - - instead they just press a single button and something says some middle schooler saying.

I do agree with you, as an older person i find it amusing the companies wound up monetarizing taunting.

I feel like we have all ever so gradually gotten away from what my true gripe was about. Which is that to me it seems that developers now a days are promoting poor sportsmanship through things such as taunts.

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And regarding developers putting in taunts, see my prior post above which explains why I think they do that…plus the benefits of people expressing themselves through taunts like these rather than other ways

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How in the blue f*ck could ANYONE ever see THIS as “bad sportsmanship”:


Aww, you hurt his feelings… APOLOGIZE!!

Also, this:


The only thing “The Robot” is guilty of is being sick as f*ck.


I suppose I can agree with that to an extent. I can see how having taunts may cut out some( not all) verbal and text garbage.


Yeah, I suppose I would rather have a player taunt me than some 12 year old tell me all the ways he has slept with my mother.


Just dropping in to mention that taunting seems to be at an all-times low anyways.

In all games I recently played, the only ones actually taunting (outside of spawn) were low-level players.
Some even got killed during taunting, further diminishing their K/D.

The only times I got taunted by higher-CR players was on hilarious Dive-deaths (as Caldarius), which I would’ve taunted just the same. :grin:

As far as normal matches go, I typically only taunt revenge kills and only if there’s time.
Haven’t gotten any negative feedback (messages or otherwise) for that, only got some people to actually chase me in a cycle of ‘Kill, Taunt, Revenge Kill, Taunt’.


I don’t think these character taunts are examples of poor sportsmanship in and out of themselves. I mean when they were designed i sincerely doubt some developer was sitting around ‘yep man i want to promote a toxic community’. Besides, taunting and good sportsmanship aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Competition between people can become heated just like IRL in stuff like team sports, but there’s nothing to stop you from saying gg or whatever to them afterwards. Anyway i don’t go out of my way to annoy someone with character taunts unless it’s in one of two circumstances.

1: I’m doing nothing wrong, just playing the game. It just so happens that playing this game entails me mercilessly beating the crap out of people over and over again if i can (because you know, controlling the lane and all). If they act in an immature way in response to me pubstomping them, and start nerd raging by running right at me i can’t help but taunt them when they die.

2: I keep getting killed by someone, and they’re taunting me and trying to get me to nerd rage, and the only reason they can kill me is through unfair circumstances. (ganking, unbalanced teams, etc.) Then I’m going to find some fair circumstances, kill them, and proceed to taunt them.


Well, like I said in my post, I slightly agree with you… it’s just that at the end of the day, I feel like the game is too silly to really take the taunts themselves as true poor sportsmanship.

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t have put the taunt mechanic in myself had it been me making the game, I would’ve left it at emotes, but I’ve learned to embrace the mechanic.

There’s a thought worth pursuing.
Thinking of ‘taunting’ as ‘provoking someone within the rules’, it becomes a strategical choice and not something done out of spite.


If you feel taunts are toxic in general try using one such as Alani’s bow. Hard to be disrespectful while using a taunt that shows your enemy respect.
1987 here, the trash talk in the earlier games was FAR worse than the taunt in BB.
Also you shouldn’t discount using taunt strategically like @loving-hatred. Sometimes it’s possible to throw an enemy off their game and make them focus you to the point of losing the match


I still remember sparring with friends where I actually won a round by improperly guarding deliberately so I could counter the attack I was inviting…ah mind games are fun

And marquis basic taunt is fairly respectful as well in my opinion


This was especially true in games such as Dead or Alive where counters were absolutely brutal… My friends would back away if they noticed my standing still. The fear factor made me lose a few games from laughing too much.

Miko is also very respectful in taunts

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