Poor sportsmanship being promoted in games

Taunting is indeed done with that intent by a lot of players. However, I don’t see taunting to be part of encouraging poor sportsmanship by the developers. The devs truly have a passion for Battleborn. They likely see taunting as a fun/funny feature to be embedded in their game.

As players, we should be playing a game for fun. A game should never been taken too seriously to the point it affect us negatively in our life (example give us bad emotions/feelings or makes us lose progression in real life)

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You’re playing a game where the objective is to shoot each other in the face and melee the opposing team into the ground. The taunts are fun, humorous, and most of them are more of a celebration than a belittling. Furthermore, if you want to show your sportsmanship you could just always message people after a match.

This seems really blown out of proportion and I wonder if you’ve played any sports growing up. You can compete, play mind games, celebrate/taunt to a certain line/degree without crossing it and still at the end of the day respect your opponents.

Also, before you assume everyone is a “youth”, there’s a good chance I’m going to be one of the oldest members in this thread.


Several times I’ve had someone dive to try and kill me over and over again after a taunt. Can’t definitively say the taunt was the defacto cause, but I’m certain it was a factor.

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I’m not sure how age got mixed up in this debate.
Seems a pretty hollow point, as we all act like five year olds if the right nerve is touched.

But, like @RayLightning said, that’s not the point. People shouldn’t take anything about a game this serious.

When it comes down to psychology, we all react similar to taunts (or provocation in general).
Or, to be more precise, we all have the same choices how to react to it.

Let’s say out of 10 cases on which one taunts after a kill, 1 person is really hurt on an emotional level, 3 are provoked into chasing and 6 completely ignore the taunt.
I’m really sorry for that one guy, but all I could possibly say is that it’s just an online game, nothing personal about it.


Taunting’s just a means of expression. It can be used to celebrate, as a playful jab, or yes, as genuine disrespect.

The game doesn’t have a lot of room to express yourself without them, and in competitions, people always want to be able to express themselves when they’re feeling good. Even the most humble sportsman will allow themselves a small fist pump in the moment of glory.


I love taunting. They are funny and usually ( I ain’t a great player) I’ve earnt my kill I am gonna do my happy dance about it cos I earnt that or my team did.

My wife literally does a taunt on every kill she finds them that funny.

I usually only get messages after from better players citing my kd ratio for that match. I never understand why it’s the good players that get the most bent out of shape.

I try to send a gg at the end of most matches to let ppl know it’s nothing personal anyway.


Lol a good player told me “you taunted the wrong person” and i was like… Whuut? Then who?unskilled players? Noobs? Your mom?

Taunt is for everyone, they are funny. I payed for my taunt and the only time to taunt is when you kill.

Point and laugh - nova


I wonder if it’s the name taunt. Like if the button was renamed celebrate and sold as celebrations would anyone mind as much.

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Heh. Sounds like something I would say. But if I said it, it would be to imply the following : PREPARE FOR VENGEANCE!!! And rivers of blood!! Etc!

@HandsomeCam Help me out here, buddy. What would Toby say if he was taunted?


Same thing as when he dies: “I deserved that…”


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O P is entitled to his/her stance.

And, no amount of subjective counter argumentation such as “I mean this” or “I mean that” is changing the fact that by definition, this is the meaning of a taunt:

Definition of taunt: a sarcastic challenge or insulthttps://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/taunt


That alongside no “taunty” taunts (Reyna flipping you off), would probably do the trick.

It’s not the button. It’s the act: Insult added to injury, willingly.


I personally would willingly, happily, and eagerly accept being taunted a hundred times, if the person doing it were killed in mid taunt just once.

That’s more precious than gold.

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That’s part of the multiple definitions of what a taunt is in real life. In a virtual game like Battleborn it extends to be a fun/funny feature. Unfortunately, there are many players that deliver and receive such feature as it was a real life action. Maybe it’s just me because I treat virtual game and real life as two completely separate entities.


I’ve had a guy taunt me when i was destroying him and his team, i messaged him after the game but not because i was angry, it was because it made me laugh pretty damn hard and now we play with eachother now and again. Taunting is just fun in my opinion.


I used to get annoyed with the taunts in the beginning, but over time I was getting into the spirit and find funny. To be honest, I kind of like it when in the game fighting are contentious and the taunts appear all the time.

I’m tired but felt like replying. I don’t totally disagree with you, and I’m going to admit to not remembering half the posts I just read from sleep deprivation, but…

Maturity has nothing to do with age. It refers to how you perceive and react to the world, and is measured in correlation with immature behavior. That said, this problem could be worse. There could be a crouch button.

Taunts in themselves aren’t very problematic, although I understand your stance is that making them available is just enabling them to be used in insulting ways. The taunts that are a little more insulting, I can really see your point. However, if you die to Beatrix and she curtseys while telling herself(?) to take a bow, is that really so harmful?
Getting slightly off my point. The people are to blame, enabled or not. They would find a way to insult you if they really wanted. They would be more likely to message you via XBL or PSN if they felt they really just had to please their ego.

I hope things get better for humanity as a whole, but that isn’t something that would happen quickly or widely. I’ll shut up and try to sleep now. :sleeping:


A lot of new games have taunts in them.

This isn’t to new. BM’ing through taunts in this gen of game started with prolly Destiny.

Poor sportsmanship isn’t really a thing. It’s more or less a default state where you have no concern or positive regard for the opponent.

Sportsmanship is a positive set of values regarding your conduct towards other players. It’s something you learn. This is where the question of age is relevant. Typically people learn sportsmanship in actual real life competitions. It’s valued because it makes those competitions overall more enjoyable for competitors and spectators–and the competition is then seen as something that somehow elevates the human condition, particularly with regard to role models. My assumption is that older gamers are more likely to have learned sportsmanship from a real life pursuit before transitioning to online gaming, whereas younger gamers might have spent the entirety of their competitive activity in online gaming. It’s not a question of emotional maturity, but your basic perspective on the issue based on the values you learned.

Because of the anonymity, people online say and do things they would be very unlikely to do in person. This is so endemic to online interactions that the core standard of behavior is to not take things seriously. Get a thick skin, it’s just a game, etc. Trolling is a corollary to this–finding people who actually care or get upset about something and exploiting this “weakness” for amusement. This is a very sad state of affairs if you consider the hours people spend online gaming as a behavioral conditioning that can carry over to other types of interaction.

People have pointed out their experiences in other games where so much more toxic than BB taunts. So what? I’ve experienced plenty of stuff like that in other games as well and the apologetics offered were the same–lighten up, it’s just trolling. Get a thicker skin. Welcome to the internet. And so on. It’s a vapid response. I don’t have a problem with something ergo nobody should have a problem with it.

Do I think the taunting in BB is horrible? No. As people have pointed out, there’s a humorous and artistic aspect to the taunts that makes them worthwhile. Personally it comes across as a kind of gloating. Like every time you kill someone you’re telling them “Ha ha, I killed you.” It doesn’t put me on tilt but it doesn’t exactly bolster that person in my estimation either.

Do I think taunts like this reflect a bad trend in gaming? Yes.