Population issues?

Hi, just started playing a few days ago. Is it normal to wait so long for public story matches? 30 minutes and nothing. Is anyone still playing this game?

Depends on whether you’re doing normal or advanced and what platform you play on. Time of day is another factor.

Advanced tends to be more populated than normal, but all missions are perfectly soloable on both difficulties, which is one of the reasons the queues tend to be quite empty.

Please use the existing matchmaking topic.

Re opened Sorry everyone I read it wrong. Extra sorry to you @thudd75 for messing that up.

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Thanks derch for listening.

To op, this is the first ive heard of this. What system?

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Steam charts are at the lowest point ever. They’re doing exactly what I called about a month back, they’re dropping to around the 500~ mark.

The reasons amongst the people I’ve spoken with (PvE players)? Feeling like a second class citizen, bad PvP balance choices screwing up PvE viability, PvE (even on normal) just is getting more and more punishing and doens’t feel rewarding or fun at all, feeling forced to play a certain character in PvE for extra viability if in a group, and so on.

Basically, quality of life in PvE sucks right now.

Clearly you’ve never played with an entire team of Toby’s.
It’s actually quite fun playing all the same character. Anywho I don’t mind PvE’s state and have been playing that a lot more (again) recently