[PORT] The real and complete melee Zer0 formula

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maybe instead of OP levels we indicate the enemy level.

also i found this follow up guide by voshy, not sure if there is new info in here.


i will look for further infor regarding this one. We will solve this mystery soon.

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so this is striker’s inspiration


Can’t unfortunately : base melee scales with OP level but the enemies’ levels vary. I’m not sure the range, but they’re probably mostly 78-81 at OP8? Which means 45-60% DR depending on the individual target. All we can do is go with the assumption that they will on-average be at the selected OP level ( meaning 80 for OP8 ).

In other words, I could be at OP6 or OP8 and encounter a level 78 enemy, and my final damage will be quite different ( OP6 vs 78 = 152K // OP8 vs 78 = 194K).

Edit : @nat_zero_six - somehow my BAR was on - I don’t know why, it’s always off for Zer0. I’m an idiot. I’ve rerun the tests and the numbers are good. I’ve erased all traces of my 190K claim :wink:

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you got 158k? nice. your melee BAR bonus might be 20%.

passive skills is easy to add, but the active skills is quite difficult to test.

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wow i just found an email in my spam about you tagging me here. but you got the wrong striker :smiley:

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is it true? are you the first real ninja?


Either way, @Voshy thank you for inspiring a Legend = @StrikerZidane :+1:

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Great to see you here voshy! The moment I saw that warrior run, I really told myself Melee zero is the character I’m gonna master. Thanks for making that vid!

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well i am the first ninja that decided to figure out how things work i guess

happy to see my videos helped someone pick a character :smiley:

Also, how do you quote on this forum, why cant you do multiple quotes? Why is there no preview? This is so much worse than the old one :frowning: People here saying @StrikerZidane is a legend and I have no idea about him because trying to browse these forums makes me want to kill myself :frowning: And I wluld like to know…

Is there an active discord server you guys use maybe?

EDIT: 4 edits later i figured at least some ■■■■ out

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You can do all those things. Preview should be directly beside the editor window (although it can be hidden - look to the bottom-right of the window)

You’ll find lots of information about how the forum platform works here: NEW FORUM BASICS - it actually has more features than the old vBulletin platform.

And as a general PSA: if anyone has a specific question about how to do something not covered in that link, send me a PM and I’ll update it.


If you’re so inclined, take a look at the Time Trial sheet.

Striker has a bunch of Zero and Krieg times. Scroll down to the most recent (post 1200) for a pretty alright Peak run :wink:

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Thanks! Thats pretty impressive, gj @StrikerZidane :smiley:

Still wondering if there is an active discord server where active bl2 players are hanging?

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There’s the PC thread:

And buried in there is a mention of a Discord server, although I have no idea how active it might be currently - the post mentioning it is from Jan 2016

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Yeah it was a pretty alright run lol. I hope we get @Voshy back to Bl2 and compete in the melee zero section at least

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yeah turns out i am already on that one, but it’s not really active, thanks anyway!

I hope we get a new Borderlands game so I come back to that :smiley: And i really never enjoyed playing any BL game alone, so those those time trials are not really my thing…

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There’s coop section both ninja only and with other characters :wink:

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Yeah but we killed every raid boss with 1 bullet back then, if that’s still possible there is probably no point in coop time trials as nothing can beat that that time if done right i would expect? I will check the videos on your link out when I find some time…

Anyway, I don’t think any of my previous partners are ready to come back to BL2 for now, we really played this game a lot and had enough, so i doubt it… At least for now. If I knew someone that still plays, I would probably hop every now and then, but I didn’t see anyone in BL2 on my friend list in a looong time :slight_smile:

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There’s ninja only section like I said which only melee zeros are allowed.
I think current records for peak, Hyperion, and bandit arenas can be topped but gonna be hard.

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I have already mentioned in many occasions that Striker is the single most skilled BL2 player I have seen.

Some people put up great stuff, good builds, great combos and all, but when it comes to pure execution, Striker buries everyone.

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Yeah don’t ask me about formulas o_O XD