Porta Prison Glitched

My Friend started the mission, guess he left it without finishing it, and it’s glitched, it won’t let him finished it, I joined him and know I can’t finish that mission, there is no marker or a way to finish it.

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Same thing has happened to me, spoke with old mate in the porta-loo, now there is no marker to move onto the next stage of the mission.

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The same thing just happened to me!! I finished the part where it blasts off but when I got to the other part the vehicle never showed up.

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I feel the pain boys trust me had the same issue but we did find the location and finish it.
Off to the right looking away from the porta john go down the street to the right.

I’ll find a map and mark it but as you go down the street you will find a subway entrance like the one way on the left of the map for one punch man go down those stairs you’ll find the people to kill and get the mission moving again which then a cop will come out from across the porta john you kill him then you vandalize the walls above the building to the right behind the porta john this brings a clean up crew kill that bot all the ai modules installed the missions over.

As I am not at home to really locate it i do believe this is where you need to go.


This worked for me thanks!

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Glad to be of help. :smiley:

Ok so I got to the point of killing the first dirty cop bot but when he blew up the chip went flying and disappeared off my map. There’s not marker for it or anything and I can’t find it anywhere. So annoying!

Same issue here. Completed the mission and it appears the AI chip is lodged in no mans land beneath the street. We can hear it buzzing or something under the street and the icon for the AI chip is clearly marked on the map just 10-20 feet below us in an inaccessible location.

Just found this fix… https://youtu.be/UVYc6tf2qos

Just quit and restart the game.