Portable Moxx-Tails?

I would be nice if we will be able to buy Moxx-Tails and take them with at some point? The portable ones cold be double the moon stones or maybe Moxxi can drive a drink wagon around when it’s noon in the game. Just a thought.


I like this! it’s like a high noon thing.

That’s as crazy an idea as a portable healing kit. Can you imagine?

Surely you jest. Why would we want to carry around portable healing kits?

Yes I miss those too and never could understand why they were taken out.

Yeah I can imagine, beings me back to the original Borderlands days. It actually didn’t work too bad in my opinion in that game, though you could only really use them in emergencies or right before/after combat. It didn’t bother me that they got rid of that in the succeeding games though.

I rarely use the moxxi stuff because I never feel like I need them. The whole point of them is to grab them only if you know combat is going to be past your skill level. If you could carry around five at all times then it would break the game balance. And it is easy enough already.