Porting characters from one ps4 to another possible?

I swapped my ps4 with the one my kids use (there’s was playing up and mine is gathering dust) but now they can’t access their characters. Is there any way I can move the save files to the other console? There’s no upload character option I could find

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I always make copies of my saves on a usb key.
From a PS+ account you can also use the online storage.

As Dr_Do-Little said, there is the option of using onlline storage.

I think you’d need to sign on the PS4 designated as your primary account, activate/upload from there, then change which PS4 was designated as your primary.

¿have you ever heard about cloud save?
'cause that’s the only way, unless you have a USB storage drive.

You shouldn’t need to have the machine set as primary. I use it on my wife’s machine when I’m by her. You do need to a PS+ subscription tho. Which is not always the case with the “kids” account.
I don’t know if its still up but there was a 7 days free trial on the PS store. Quite useful for situation like this when you need a temporary subscription.