Portriats Up On Walls Of Jack's Office & Hyperion Hub

You guys know the ones i mean, of the Hyperion founders?

That one dude who looks like Steve Jobs and the fat old guy with the cat.

Is there any way to actually eead the worde on those portraits?

Go into the Hall of Heroism. Once you’ve cleared the enemies, you can listen to the story for each of the founders.

I don’t know how to tell you this but that isn’t a guy…


Neither is the cat. Meow!

Are you… serious? IIRC they use “she” instead of he during the blurbs pertaining person in that particular portrait.

As Vaulthunter said, or you can check the wiki on them.

Here’s the correct page. Odd that they aren’t mentioned on the Hyperion Hub’s page. Wonder if it’s an oversight or intentional?

Never! The cat is quite clearly not a guy. It’s a cat. :open_mouth:

Soon they will have pictures of the best-est person for Hyperion on the walls. A Hyperion legend. His name? We all know what i am going to say.

Michael Scolefield, an engineer and genius

That’s what you meant! Yes, the cat is a cat and not a person :smile_cat:

Thanks, guys.

And come on, pets are people too…


Thanks for the link, but I don’t see anything about the Founders on that page…

Very bottom hence why I think it was an oversight for them to not be on the HUB’s page.

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Got 'em!


The page had failed to load fully.