Posible character for the next posible 2nd season

Ok :i would like Aria(?), rendain(jennerit),Nova (sul),thaddeus(rogué).
Pleeeease.,…i love thaddeus…
AND Marquis the next first mission
Benedict the second.

Well, Nova is all but confirmed at this point

I swear with the last op of MvsDB, if they just keep teasing us and do nothing about it i’mma have to throat punch babies.

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Though I think Thaddeus won’t be a character nor Rendain as i don’t see a reason of why they would join and Thaddeus is dead, Aria well we really don’t know anything about her as she could’ve been a whole different person than on Attikus playthrough.

I for one think that i’m the only one that doesn’t want neither Rendain, Lenore or anybody else that has had a Voice in this game other than Nova, I rather have some new blood.

Can we stop this whole thing of “taking characters already in the game and making them playable afterwards”? I mean there’s Boldur and ISIC and Caldarius but they only have one mission each, and it makes sense for them to join.

Rendain makes no sense. He’s in the void, in case you forgot. And even if he did come back, why would he fight for the Battleborn? They’d hate him anyways.

Aria is dead. So… that. (“But ISIC got killed, right?!?!” His frame did, but his core was left behind.)

Thaddeus is dead or gone forever. So… that.

I have never advocated for or really wanted Nova in a robot suit in the first place. Let her be the announcer, please, I would like to keep that bit of lore and canon normal.

The only community suggestion that makes any sense is Empress Lenore, since she was a good guy (well, Deande level of good guy anyways) before disappearing. She is supposedly dead and alive at the same time.


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