Positive Comment Thread

A thread to share something positive that you experienced, whatever that may be.

Mine: I just ran solo on Draft Mode, got matched with 4 other teammates with mics, so we teamed up and won 4 in a row on Incursion. Each time the enemy destroyed our first sentry before we destroyed both of theirs. It was really fun.


I joined the Battleborn Discord channel and found lots of really cool people there who love Battleborn as much as I do. Also, I get to discuss Battleborn an awful lot with some GBX folks on Twitter, like @anthonynicholson and @scottv. It’s really fun and it gives you a better appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making this game badass.


Last week during Chaos Rumble in a pug, everyone picked Boldur and we all completed Woodsworn together.

+10 Community Friendship Points


I just saved a whole bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!


I started playing Boldur again and I’m enjoying it!

I told people that there is only Deande


There is no Deande, only Zuul:

Oh, right… Positive… Uh:

Zuul saved a whole bunch of money on his gatekeeper insurance by switching to Geico?


Um…like literally everything. :sunglasses:


Next time I tell a ‘Toby’ story, you are being Toby.
…Better watch your back…

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So a few days after the update dropped I got a wild hair and decided to play pendles again since they(rightfully) buffed his slow on injection and can see wether or not my opponent picks major reveal toons. After I get bolas and VoZF up with the level 3 AS helix I become a monster…

He is ridiculously fun to play now

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I’ll be your Finisci, baby…


Is flirting positive? I think so… Right? Guys?


I think I am going to be sick.
Yes a very special story for you indeed…

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Guess what i just noticed in the upper left of my GIF? A sign that we were meant to be together… Finisci and Spymistress.

True love is VERY positive…

By the Empress, Handsome…
Whoever that pretender is…
They got a Huge Blink Storm of a surprise coming their way

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Not recent, but got a few things and I’ll do shoutouts where applicable

Playing with @AncientBelgareth has taught me a lot about thorn and @EdenSophia taught me a lot about mellka when I had the chance to play with her

I found a slightly kindred spirit in @FlamesForAll with his drunken rambling

Now for purely on the forums

@Jythri is kindly driving all the conspiracy theorists insane with the shoutout to someone being onto the Easter egg in the demon bear stream

@BaconianOne has been doggedly searching for the Easter egg and his continued efforts are inspiring

@HandsomeCam has actually volunteered to do something other than derail a thread(note I’m just giving him a hard time and it’s greatly appreciated)

And in general this community has gotten me to laugh at a much lighter tone of humor than I typically laugh at


Haha! You haven’t heard MY drunken rambling yet! Perhaps Monday or Tuesday?

See? That BOTTOM part is why i’m still here (that and not getting banned yet, haha!), and i hope i make you guys laugh too.


Comments and threads like these are why I’m here and why I stick around.

As for OP. It’s amazing when random people can come together and share games like that. I really wish more people would go on mic, myself included.

I used to be all about playing PvP. Learning the ins and outs of the different modes and heros but after spending so much time hunting these eggs I’ve realized how in depth the story is and how much thought the devs really put into everything. And it’s great.
There is as much replayability or more than borderlands 2 for me and I never expected it.


All you positive ps4 ppl and your comraderie… Jealous… :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww, man… You’re NOT on PS4…?

I was hoping to invite you to the Secret Society of Toby Players chat!

FCK!!* Does this mean i’m out, guys?


Started the Forum Folks chat with all you lovely people from here.

You all know who you are.

Beacons of light in the darkness of solo queuing!

Love you all!