Positive feedback regarding the op, let's show some support and give this game a second wind!

I love the new op, it’s ■■■■■■■ amazing. No more defense points, no more sentry to escort changing objectives and increasing difficulty as you progress, new skins and taunts, five new legendaries (although nobody’s seen them yet) and one unique to the op. I really love the way Aria’s Encore scales with your op points, I love that we can finally get commander packs, I love the new boss fight, I love that as well as different optional objectives you have to actually search the map for ops points instead of just killing and defending and escorting, it’s something new to do and helps with map awareness and learning vantage/choke points.

Overall, I think the first op is the best thing that GBX has done with Battleborn so far and the increasing amount of new and old players in both PvP and PvE queue is testament to the new content (including Face Off of course) working as intended. My interest in the game has been revived and I’m far from the only one. The most important thing we can do as a community to increase the playerbase and keep it healthy is to play the game. Whether you specialise in only PvP or PvE or you play a bit of both, we have a chance to bring this game back from the brink of death. For the first time in a few months I have faith that BB has a chance at survival and I regret leaving when I did, don’t be like me and make the same mistake, this game will survive and it will thrive if we all throw our support behind it and the devs!

Great job Gearbox, you’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of scrutiny and criticism over the last few months but you’ve persevered and now I think you’re prevailing, keep it up and keep those ops coming!



^ what this eloquent man right here said
This is probably my favorite thing in all of Battleborn. No joke. It’s just so much fun! And it encourages me to use the characters I haven’t for skins. Also, Reynas ult is amazing against Aria. It’s always been useful, but it’s simply fantastic here


Indeed, she blocks Aria’s insta-kill attacks and the barrage of thrall grenades, she’s spectacular in the op. The supports thrive there, I mean they were always good in PvE (particularly Kleese and Ambra) but the op really encourages you to have one on your team, before you could play advanced hardcore without one but in a 3P game of the op they’re invaluable.

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Definitely true. Although I feel like Miko + Montana is actually less strong than usual. Too much damage to heal through (I was using 200 per tick + biosynth aoe + ult and he still died once)

Really? I feel like if the 3 players are decent enough you don’t absolutely need a healer. I am much more concerned about balancing non melee to melees and picking at least one character with decent sustain (whiskey!)

Have to agree. I love the op. Most of the missions I found quite tiring but with all the guaranteed loot available I will keep playing it til I get all the legendaries and skins I could ever want

I said invaluable, not absolutely necessary. I’ve done it with three melees but it’s very rough, one support changes the dynamic of the whole match though, I’ve played a lot of public matches and I’ve never died as Ambra or failed when there was a Reyna on the team.

Hmmmm… Maybe I need to look up what it exactly means…

Though I agree for the most part. Reyna is pretty beast on this op. Probably easily the best support imo

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