Positive opinion

I love the game. Despite the bugs and balance issues. I’m loving it. In my opinion, it’s fun as hell, it’s got the infinite replayability I’ve always loved about the franchise, and I love being able to play with my family (it could be better with vertical splitscreen).
Once Gearbox smooths out the edges and polishes it up, it’ll be the best borderlands yet.
I don’t like the idea of anymore “nerfs” though. In fact, I would like to see some “buffs” added to some of the characters (Zane :grin:). I want to have a well balanced challenge as a casual gamer and if others enjoy the ultimate challenge I hope you guys are able to cater to both styles without ruining one or the other. All in all though, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.


I think most would agree its fun. The gunplay alone is just so enjoyable and worth the price of admission for a playthrough on each character.

But the endgame and balance/difficulty issues give it a limited shelf life in its current incarnation IMO and given the amount of time they have had to release this so far I doubt that will change any time soon.

Agreed. It still needs fixing, but I’ll remain patient for now though. As long as they keep showing us they have their fans best interest in mind. I personally have no idea how hard it is to fix these issues and create workarounds, but I can imagine it’s a grueling process. It’s impossible to completely satisfy everyone and I appreciate the middle ground they’re working towards. I personally don’t need increasing amounts of difficulty to the point of frustration. When even the most common enemies require multiple headshots to finally kill. I like my weapons and skills to feel like they hit hard and I like the combination of soft enemies that go down with one headshot from a sniper rifle to Ultimate badasses that require serious firefights to overcome.

I hope in the end it all works out for everyone. If they continue to prove to us their dedication towards their fans and their feedback, I’ll gladly continue supporting the game.

I do love the ability climb without jump genade, color your outfit , and change the weapon skins