Positives and Negatives of the Game

-The game is super fun. It reminds me a lot of Borderlands and has a unique, funny story line.
-All of the abilities for each character looks like you put your heart and souls into it. When I use my ultimate move I really feel like I am using an ultimate move.
-The buildings and everything are made extremely well. It is not the Borderlands style but more of a blend, which makes it modern while also gives you the old borderlands feeling.
-I think that it is awesome you have different skins and taunts for each character. As well as different gears which bring variety to the game.

-While it is a nice touch you added with the skins, it is still a simple color change. Skins should be unique and be something players strive for because of their epicness. Refer to this upload of the Smite skin teirs as a perfect example:

-One of the first things I noticed was snow falling from the sky. I was like “Wow, that’s amazing,” but as I watched it fall, it went right through the ground. The idea is great but you have to make it look more realistic or instead of adding to the game you will be taking away from it.
-The field of view is way too small. The character’s weapons or hands basically take up half the screen. It makes it hard to see.

That’s it :slight_smile:
-I understand the game is in BETA, in no way, shape, or form am I judging or complaining about the game. Just leaving my thoughts for observation.

-While this game is amazing so far, I still think it has a ways to go. It has extreme potential. If it was released as it is now. It would be fun for about a month but then get boring. If you play your cards right this game could be what people talk about for a long time. Such as “Hey, did you see the new hero in BattleBorn?” Or “Omg the new event looks so awesome.” Well, that is my THOUGHTS for now. I will make sure to list bugs I have found under the correct section. Thanks for reading, bye!!

-Please check out this Thread which is another amazing review that I agree with for the most part: Why I refunded my preorder; game is more chore than fun :(

They do have 3 different tiers of skins. The skins you see that are color changes are based on Character Rank for individual characters. Other skins that change more things are found in packs. Got a Thorn Skin last night that was pretty awesome.


I’ve heard about those skins in packs but It’s hard to find anyone showing them. Can you put a screenshot of it, or is there a place where they’re listed?
If I understand, there are Jennerit, Rogue, LLC and so on packs to buy. Are the skins in that kind of pack? Or can they be found in rare packs and above?

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@devyn_stroud Really? Thanks, that’s good to know. It does not show it so I assumed those were the only skins they had.

@zefyris Agreed. A screenshot would be nice.

I honestly have no screenshot available. I know I found the skin in my Command Rank 5 pack (you get a command rank pack every 5 levels starting at 5 that can have these skins/taunts and other rare goodies). But as well, the game has been only available for 24 hours, you can not expect all the skins/taunts and everything about the game to be found out in this short amount of time.

Seems a little to soon to review a game. I do hope they do something about the matchmaking though. Sucks that my team of 5 go up against randoms and blows them out. Not fair to them and only pads our stats.


Thanks. I didn’t know about those command packs, so that’s already a nice info to have.
True, the open beta just started. But I also know that peoples have been complaining about the lack of skin variety here and there. So knowing more means being able to correct and inform on those place, so that’s always nice.

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Only thing a constant third person mode will do in BB is giving those who prefer that a unfair advantage.


@MidnightNova True. Thanks for the reply.

So about the additional character skins. I looked at the description for the “commander packs”.
It’s actually written that you will ALWAYS get one skin (and have chance to also get one new taunt, so there is also unlockable taunts that we don’t know about when we look at the characters ’ taunts) from it.
Those “commander pack” are faction related (rogue commander pack, and so on) and will therefore give a skin (and maybe a taunt) from that faction.
From what I’ve seen, the faction of those commander pack doesn’t seem to be related to which character you were playing when leveling up your commander rank to 5-10 and so on. So you can for example level up at Orendi and get a Eldrid commander pack.
The skin inside can be for a character that you haven’t unlocked yet, as well.
It is to be noted that the faction loot pack that you can buy with ingame money (that aren’t commander pack, you unlock the possibility to buy them after enough commander ranks) have a CHANCE to give you a skin and/or taunt for that faction as well.

So it’s one guaranteed every 5 command rank + a chance in every faction loot pack bought.


Awesome. If I was at home, I would have looked more closely.Thanks for doing so!

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Additional infos,
-the respective command level required for those faction packs varies quite a bit :
Eldrid 8
Jennerit 13
Rogue 18
LLC 23
UPR 28
They all cost the same though, 1900. Which is a fairly reasonable amount, by level 5 you can have easily twice as much.

Also it seems (would need more example to verify) like the gear that you get in those pack is faction related as well. You can equip it on everyone, but the lore text, as well as the function seems more oriented toward a specific faction? For example, an armor in a eldrid commander loot pack Had a bonus to heal received when receiving damage to health, but a heavy malus to shield recharge rate. That’s perfect for the Eldrid faction due to them not having naturally shields contrary to other factions.


I very much enjoyed the colorful “Borderlands 2” style graphics of this beta.

It would be nice if there was a (solo) tutorial for each character so that we could learn how to use the abilities properly in a relaxed atmosphere.
The description of each character’s abilities is a good start - but probably not enough for many players (myself included).

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@cptsinclair That is a good idea. A training mode would be beneficial, rather than going into a battle or story mode blind then having to quit and start up again because you did not like the character or it was too complicated for you.

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The only problem I have with Battleborn right now is the optimization to Consoles, or at least, for PS4. I’m hoping to see some improvements on that ti’ll launch. Oh, and more servers on launch, tho it would probably work just fine while I’m sitting here, rambling for nothing.

Other than that, the PC version runs like butter (=As expected from UE3), and I’ve had a blast playing it.
Huge fan from 1 day, 2014 July :smiley:

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I’d really like the ability to choose which order I unlock characters. That’s my only thing so far.

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Sounds like a man who is looking forward to using certain characters that aren’t immediately unlocked.

I sympathize with you, I know that feeling.


Well, all the characater I can use right now I already tried in the CTT, so yeah, I wanna try the others, haha.

But I also think that would vary the characters you see online more. Example: You’re gonna see a lot more ISIC’s than Ghalt’s right now. But if every person could unlock who they want, you should see all 25 characters in pretty equal measure.

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Ahh. Yeah, I know what you mean.

I can definitely see how that can get repetitive, but it still just the first day of it. It’ll be a thing of the past soon enough.

That being said, when you see a guy/gal with a rarer character you’ll be like;

“Oh dang. That guy must be a badass.”

That guy could be YOU.

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  • This happened to me 3 times, I couldn’t continue unless we killed the last enemy.

  • It is a beta after all. Haha