Positivity and the Quest to make Battleborn Fun!

Hello everyone!

In this thread we will be discussing the most fun experience we have had playing Battleborn! What character were you using? What map were you on? Who were you playing with?

My little brother is heavily autisitc. He can play games though, like you would never believe. The first time he saw this game i just came back from the hospital after surgery. He came in to my room and did not say anything. He just watched the screen with such joy in his eyes.

I picked Marquis (my favorite character by far) and entered Incursion on Overgrowth. Well, there was another Marquis and we was a higher level and pink. I thought i was done for, but he was only interested in sniping the sentinel. I killed him and used the laughing taunt, only to have my little brother laugh out loud. It is very rare he does this and i have found that it makes him laugh almost everytime. It brought my mom to tears when i showed her and made my stepfather, whom i have a very rocky relationship, appreciate video games. It is the first conversation him and i have shared without animosity in over a decade.

Battleborn did that for me.

Lets get some nice, positive stories about our gaming experiences. They dont have to be the feels. They can be silly or just a GG. Let me know. I am interested.

Unrelated note, new Red Hot Chili Peppers album is pretty great. Cannot wait for the new Blink album. Good year for Music!


Love your positivity. I don’t have a single thing to match the experience your family had. Thank you for being a part of the community. People and experiences like you and yours are what keeps communities such as this great.


I realized through some much needed Mod intervention and perspective that i was only contributing to the poison in this place; a place i really love.

So, thank you for having me! But you did not share a fun story! You must correct this, Minrec demands it!!


This is a truly lovely post.

All I can say to add is that Battleborn has made me not hate PVP.

I generally PVP like the plague (the reflexes aren’t what they used to be), but Battleborn is a game that rewards strategy as much as thumb skills, and I love it deeply for that reason.

I’ve heard other people say similar things, and it always makes me happy to know I’m not the only one.


I don’t have an experience that can match yours tbh! That was awesome!
This was from the open beta however, I had a final for a game design class on Monday, I started playing the beta. And yes, I was terribly hooked. logged 30+ hours over the weekend. No surprises I didn’t reeeally study.
Or did I? Dramatic music
Exam rolls around, and I’m answering a question. Taking examples from different games until I realize damn I can’t get bb out of my head. So. I fulfill my need to rant and put it all on the page. I won’t tell you the exact numeric, but I did get an A on the exam :slight_smile:


Great story. Mine is minor, but since you asked.

Meltdown on Paradise. I’m playing Marquis, staying up top in mid and trying to help both sides. Enemy Montana in the left lane near our accelerator is firing away at someone I can’t see. He’s got low health so two shots finish him off.

Guy on my team starts screaming into the mic: “Holy s$&@, Warhawg…I was down to about 20 health! Closest save I have ever had!”

It was just luck and timing, but given BB is my first PVP game, it felt good to contribute.


One of my friend was sad a couple of weeks ago so i bought them Battleborn (through third party sites, sorry but i am not that rich, Take2!). It’s now our hangout online after work! So it’s like our special meeting place to share what’s new and up every once in a while.

And i guess recently in game, i discovered how fun it is to play as Kelvin! The way he runs (he uses his arm to push himself forward!), the way he talks like an old man who just unfroze himself in the future and how he fights too! It’s so satisfying to just run in, bite and stun people then run away to get those assist kills roll going! Even on matches where you lose, with kelvin i at least get some fun time!


@sbspalding thank you. I love the PvP in this game. I feel as though it is very balanced and the strategy is implemented very well. You still havent shared a fun story!

@sarvashreshtha8 Thank you. I am curious, what was your favorite map/character during the beta? Has that changed with the full release? Very glad to hear that you aced your test! Congrats!

@Warhawg01 thank you, but there are no minor stories! Mine was personal and meant to be uplifting! Everyone has something though, i am so curious! One of the things i love most about Marquis (unabashedly my favorite) is his versatility. I can be very aggressive with him or I can pull back and be a sick defender. Saving people is the best, especially when they are able to express their gratitude.

A fun addition to the game might be a “gratitude” gesture for allies, encouraging good sportmanship and brotherhood. It is a good antithesis to the taunt and would help grow the community by encouraging nice players to stick together for the next match! @joekgbx @Jythri

@paresseux87 that was extrememly nice of you! A couple i met while playing this has fallen on some financially hard times since we began and I secretly sent them two playstation cards for them to buy all the skins and taunts they could ever want! It is always fun to play with people you know IRL, some of my best matches have been co-workers myself!

I literally just mastered Kelvin before i responded to all of you! He is one of my favorites and such a unique design! A tip for his lore challenge for you, play capture to get his triple stuns done. It makes it much easier and you wont be messing your team up during minion games to try and score the triple hit!

Okay friends, i am off to bed for the night (lol it is 445am by me) but i will be on tomorrow! Tell your friends about this thread, i want everyone on these forums to share a fun story!! Sleep well, everyone!


5-man matchmade team running through The Renegade mission on Normal about 1-2 weeks after release (so before the first big patch). We reach the final defense objective and enemies start spewing in through the doors and the windows. What I suspect is due to someone lagging, the enemies were spawning so frequently they were literally pilling up like a stack of cards meanwhile my mate is just sitting there unresponsive because his Australian connection to the game was so bad all he could do was sit there and get hit by enemies he couldn’t even see XD
That was a hectic night.

Touching post! Hope your bro will continue to have fun in this game!

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Positive post, I like this a lot.

Well, I told already in the forum one of my favorite Battleborn experiences and that was in my first match on pvp after release, with a rager wanting to go afk because another guy and me were low levels, ending up with myself in the best score on the game and the rager in the last place. We won also.

But I had a lot of good, fun experiences with the game, playing with friends and my fiance, specially on pve. Laughing our asses off from some dialogue between characters (like the first time I played Renegate with Phoebe, having her fangirling over Caldarius). Or in pvp for one reason or another (like being afraid of a lvl 100 with Master of Rath but ended up being horrible playing the character and we were all the match running after him to kill him :stuck_out_tongue: )

I hope I’ll have more moments like those ^^

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I can’t. There’s just too many choices. You know, like coming back from being down 200 points to win in Meltdown, or the many times I’ve been on a winning team after a teammate tried to surrender, or the epic battle I had playing Kelvin against Boldur last week where we clashed at double thralls and kept knocking each other away from the capture point.

How about this: I’ve been playing video games since the 70s, and never sought out or had fun playing PvP in my life. That is, until Battleborn.


My best one was a game of incursion on echelon. Me and someone on the other team were both playing boldur. We would see each other, taunt, then proceed to go about our business without fighting unless one of us were engaged with other players.


Great post I’m not sure if anyone has a story that can match yours.

But mine is this game has got my wife to play a game with me. I’ve always enjoyed gaming, there even videos tapes of me when I was like 2 at family functions just playing Mario wanting everybody to leave me alone lol. My wife on the other hand never played a video game in her life she never tried to stop me from playing she just wasn’t interested in playing herself. But after seeing the graphics of this game she started watching me play and then she seen Toby and had to play with him because he’s so $&@**# adorable lol.

Now me and her can sit down and play a few story missions together and we have a great time. I love it I finally get to do share my favorite hobby with my favorite person and this game will always have a special place with me because of this.


That’s pretty damned incredible. This isn’t what I’d call a remotely casual game.

I know right she only got 2 or 3 games in with Toby before I showed her there were easier characters for her to try. She’s actually getting pretty good with rath and Oscar mike. By pretty good I mean we can actually finish some missions now lol…and i think I got her talked into a playthrough of BL2 with me since she seems to like pve and the crazy art style



This is pretty cool, Jestah. Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile:


As my job involves supporting people with severe ASD and learning difficulties, I can appreciate how much that meant.

Much respect for that.


@riyadisofian thank you! As of this post he is quite happy playing as his favorite badass, Boldur! He loves the smelly armpit taunt. He hasn’t unlocked it yet, but i have been playin on his account at night when he is sleeping so I am slowly increasing his level and lore lol. However you did not share a story of your own! Looking forward to what you have to say!

@vengerin thank you! I love it when we overcome the odds and beat the enemy team when someone drops out! Perseverance will always (almost) win! What character/map were you playing as? I also don’t think you have ever posted your favorite character? We MUST recitify this, post haste!!

@Misguided coming back from an assured loss, even after someone tried to surrender is so gratifying. I was exposed to video games in the womb (literally was born in an arcade because my mother was playing Pac-Man) and then i grew up on Mario. I never really sought out PvP and active competition until Street Fighter II and since then I was hooked. I play a lot of MOBAs but this has to be my favorite right out of the gate, what i mean is the vanilla game without additions.

Kelvin v Boldur is a tough fight! I would say i have. 50/50 shot against a Boldur. Knocking them off cliffs is so satisfying lol.

@FullmetalChef13 Thanks for sharing! I experienced something similar playing as Kelvin on Temples. I found the enemy Kelvin mining crystals. I saw him stunned him and taunted. But he didnt attack, he taunted. We both stood there, taunting, until the other members came. Everyone taunted for one time but Rath ruined it. Still a very fun time!

@bgfarmer85 i am lucky enough to have a wonderful wife that is a gamer. She is a nintendo fangirl to the MAX, but i bought her a ps4 and she has been playing all sorts of new stuff. I still cannot convince her to play PvP, but she love MANtana as she calls him, and mows down all the minions in PvE. Thanks for sharing!

@JoeKGBX you’re welcome! In an earlier post i mentioned about the gratitude gesture. Do you think that could ever be a possibility? Also, You didn’t share a story! No one is exempt! Lol

@Psychichazard thank you. It can be hard for some people to share that. It is a big part of my life and working with people who have learning difficulties can be really fulfilling. I volunteer with local groups a lot, we do fundraisers and raffles. We also do an activity day where we vote on a theme and make costumes and obstacle courses, and we have art contests. The theme in August? Video games! My little brother and I are building him a costume because he wants to be Boldur! And he wants me to be Marquis! I will post some pics when this happens so everyone can see too!
You didnt post a story!! You have to rectify that! Lol