Positivity, Optimism and Above All Being Constructive in the BB Forums

As someone who has been guilty of being an unnecessarily negative Nancy I wanted to remind all my fellow battleborn players that constantly complaining about the game’s somewhat unfounded “impending doom” will not help the game grow in the ways I’m assuming you well intentioned yet inevitably negative posters want it to. In order for the game to grow we need to foster a community of optimism and positivity which will hopefully help those on the fence see that it is worth sticking around and playing this (in my opinion) wonderful game. Legitimate complaints and requests for fixes aside. If something is legitimately broken I urge you to ignore my warning and please notify us the community and the developers about it. But if you just came here to gripe that Overwatch gets more press and is killing the game instead maybe actually play the game because every player counts. The game can grow but it is up to us.


I agree with you, I made my own topic on the matter. Mentioning OW, and saying this game is going to die, doesn’t help, People come here and see that adn go “Well, why buy into this, I should get OW instead, as it’s not all doom and gloom.”


While I support this I also find it redundant because the loyal players are going to be backing this game regardless of the negativity and hate, if anything that will only make them love it more. Defending the game and disproving someone elses statements can also lead players to learn new mechanics or things about the game that could make them join the following of loyal players. Negativity while it is negative can spark wonders for creativity and union in players.


I hear you completely and I think I may have misrepresented my meaning. I was more talking about avoiding the doom and gloom about the game dying. I think having active discussions about play style and characters and meta is wonderful. Really just referring to the people who complain about the game dying when it’s actually in decent standings as far as player base right now.

Agreed. Blind praise/optimism is no better for the game than blind negativity/pessimism. I think it’s pretty clear that the dev team has been listening to the community, so continuing to give balanced feedback is vital.

But, the absolute, single best thing anyone can do if you find the game fun and want to help the game grow is tell friends about it and spread the love.


Hear hear!
Very well said - This forums needs indeed a bit more positivity in regards of BB.
The game is brandnew and people call it dead…
I can only imagine these kind of people later blame their newborn children to be a failure because they have not get a doctor-title after the first change of pampers -

Play the game, give the Devs time to make adjustments and be happy we live after the N64-era :heart:

PS: N64-era was a blast, but I always think of these days when people complain about: grafics, online service or missing hotfixes/patches.


Agree, stand as a Battleborn/Gearbox supporter.

This game is an obvious result of very hard work, research and it also has an obvious potential.


I agree with the op and I have to admit I have been guilty also of a negative post saying I was going back to Smite. But you know what I was right back on Battleborn trying to get O Mike up to level 15.

Although the game needs some balance work and and some kind of adjustment to matchmaking I am still having a good time.

Criticism will happen with all games. I would frequent the Smite forums and it is just as bad.

Everyone needs to remember it takes time to make adjustments to these games and it will be an on going process as long as the game is around.

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From what I’ve seen, most of the negative Nancys have left thankfully. The game isn’t perfect and some people are having technical issues with it, but it works for the most part and is the most fun I’ve had since the Witcher 3 came out; it’s also the second game I’ve pre-ordered, but I played in the CTT so I knew what I would be getting. Most of my gripes look like they’ll be fixed as soon as GBX can get the patches certified, so I’m going to do what I love and that’s play the game with my wife and our friends while we send digital minions back to the Varelsi. :dukeaffirmative:


But if you just came here to gripe that Overwatch gets more press and is killing the game instead maybe actually play the game because every player counts. The game can grow but it is up to us.

I disagree. I used to be like you, hopeful that writing positive, rational, useful posts about player experience were heard by the development team. After YEARS and YEARS of being in Alphas, Betas, Server firsts, Top Ranked, etc. I can tell you that game developers only hear The Bottom Line.

If you disagree with me, and you think the developers are doing qualitative phenomenological analysis on forum posts, you are seriously overestimating their abilities.

Game companies like Blizzard nerf and buff based on math (SLOWLY, like by 10% increments) and give alternative play styles for those who feel that their character “sucks now” by empowering less popular talent picks. On top of that, they EXPLAIN how they came to the conclusions they did and repeatedly say in developer interviews “we don’t like nerfs”.

When a new game everybody was looking forward to comes out that is missing the transparency and honesty of other competitive game companies, players expect more. It’s called capitalism - but online we get a voice AND the choice to speak with out wallets.

Issues with games should be raised, but in a logical and realistic way. Grossly exaggerating the issues and pretending to predict the future demise of a game really should stop, as it is unproductive and unnecessary to anything, unless the poster wants to look foolish or like a 5 year old. In the last many years of being a part of many different game forums, I have noticed many gamers like to throw logic out the window in their arguments and post emotional rants of garbage.


I understand and completely agree that in the end Developers do care about the Bottom Line above all else (Oximoron noted and ignored). This is a business after all and they have every right to be focused on making money.

I also completely agree that Blizzard has done an excellent job of nerfs and buffs in all their current games and have an astounding amount of transparency when it comes to those things despite a complete lack of transparency in many other aspects of their business practices. What I disagree with is your statement that Gearbox has been non-transparent during their current hotfixes (note that I specifically said hotfix and not patch). They have also been clear that they are using math in order to calculate these nerfs they have implemented in their hotfixes. They have yet to release an actual patch yet due to the third party authentication for consoles something that Blizzard has never had to deal with until now with Overwatch’s multiplatform release. So I’m sure the patches for Overwatch will be released in a similar fashion to those in Battleborn. I understand that as consumers our power lies in our wallets and that is a power we must wield but so far I have not seen any arbitrary changes made to this game without explanation and reason.

I noticed many of your other posts are about the nerfs to ISIC’s shield. I understand you are upset that they nerfed a character that you enjoyed playing but making unfounded accusations that the Devs are being opaque in their decision making process and accusing them of failing to address issues in the first patch when the first patch has yet to be released is completely unnecessary. You have every right to raise concerns but be wary that you are not the only one who plays this games and making posts that basically just trash the game without proper reasoning can be harmful to the community as a whole. If you’re are truly as jaded as you say you are I pity you deeply.


Expecting any developer to be able to balance as well as Blizzard does is just silly.

Blizzard has almost two decades of balancing one of the most popular e-Sports in the world…no other dev can boast that.



We took a good look at Galilea’s damage and found that she still has the ability to kill players in a short amount of time. We want to promote the health regeneration and zone control loops so we reduced damage some more. The Shield Throw skill was set to a high damage multiplier which we usually award to skills that deal damage only. Since the Shield Throw has a stun, we reduced the damage to match other skills that contain crowd control on top of damage.

-Reduced Galilea’s Great Sword damage by 18%
-Reduced Shield Throw damage by 33%


Miko’s ability to heal others and itself at the same time proved to enable duos of players to dive enemies without much risk. Now, Miko players will have to navigate spaces with more precision and rely on allies to peel off enemies more often instead of being able to just turn and run away.

-Reduced the movement speed bonus of Miko’s level 7 Left Helix Augment, Fight or Flight, to 15% and its duration to 2s
-Reduced the healing effect of Biosynthesis by 25%


ISIC’s Rotating Wards allowed ISIC to soak lots of damage while dealing lots of damage. The reduction of Rotating Wards’ strength gives enemies a faster window to prevent ISIC from controlling the area. In addition, ISIC players could manipulate their shield regen easily with the first augmentation and some gear pieces so we reduced the augmentation strength. And since ISIC has so many defensive options, we wanted players to be able to quickly whittle ISIC down if they got past his defenses so we reduced his base health.

-Reduced ISIC’s base health by 20%
-Reduced Rotating Wards’ block strength by 50%
-Reduced Watchful Wards’ bonus by 40%

-Adjusted skill-based matchmaking ranges to speed up matchmaking times
-Fixed a minor audio issue on the Meltdown map, Paradise
-Changed all Faction loot packs to unlock at level 15
-Reduced the Silver and Gold medal requirements for each medal in the story mission “The Archive” by 20%
-Doubled the health of stationary defense objectives in story mode
-Made performance improvements on the multiplayer maps Echelon and Coldsnap

How is that not transparent? And this only a week or so after the release. Yes GBX is interested in the bottom line because they all want to be paid, just like anybody else who works for a living, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they’re interested in. Your attitude towards them is one of the thing I think the OP is trying to address. If you look through their patch logs for Borderlands 2, you’ll see a very detailed description of what they did and why they did it if they were adjusting numbers. Hell, they even fixed one of the character’s most broken skills (Maya’s Cloudkill) and made it into one of the best (a real game changer as it should have been because of where it sits on her tree). So, yes, GBX has been very transparent and, yes, we should voice our concerns, but basically calling them a bunch of greedy bastards is not only true, it’s unfair and unproductive. I’m with Adam in that I’m very sorry for you if that’s how you truly feel.


I am flabbergasted by all the praise for the way Blizzard handles balance. Admittedly, I haven’t played any of their titles since around th time D3 launched, but they have been notorious for making massive sweeping nerfs for years. While I haven’t played Overwatch (and won’t), I’ve heard from multiple people that it has much larger balance issues than BB (which is perhaps to be expected since it hasn’t been released).

Maybe they have gotten better. If so, kudos to them. It just surprises me to hear people describe them in that way.


Really? Blizzard has been known has the best balancers in gaming for over a decade. I’m surprised it surprises you.

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negative or positive it doesnt matter as much to me as long as it is constructive. the problem i have is more with tone of posts and people going after developers (in general). i think part of it is emotion and timing of posts. if someone just loses a game badly because of an issue they will come on here right after and let loose. this tends to lead to these type of posts.

Regarding overwatch i played the beta as well and it played good, though its a lot different than battleborn. the pace is much faster and takes only a few shots to go down. ive been moslty playing battleborn single player with a group which has been a lot of fun. also i think the heroes in Battleborn are just better. Almost all of them feel bad ass and have a deep progression tree. so i think it will have a community for a while.

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Lol glad to see this is being brought to light.

They did fix Maya’s cloud skill but it took them a long time to do it. They didn’t fix it that quickly.

I have to be honest, I don’t want the game to die off when Borderlands 3 news starts coming in. I don’t know if those wanting news for that game silently want BB to die down as fast as possible to get to BL3, but regardless, everyone should help with making this game avoid getting the, “Doomed to die after 3 years,” mark. Just my two cents. No offense to people wanting Borderlands 3 information.