Positivity post! For a change

Hey everyone, its been a hell of a week and a half with our new borderlands game! My wife and I have been progressing in the main campaign, did some sidequest here and there but mostly keeping them for after the campaign. We are now lvl 23 on eden-6 with the Slab in chief Brick, prison break style. We are playing couch coop on xbox one s, it has hiccups here and there but the game run smoothly most of the time.

I’ve been on the forums almost everyday, interacting in many different threads and 1 thing stood out for me, so much negativity and sometimes disrespectful posts aimed at the game devs or gearbox in general.

Im not brown nosing, I am as pissed off as most of you with the issues we are having now, especially the lack of a vertical split screen. But you know what? I expressed my feelings and opinion in a respectful manner, most of the time, on every social
Media platforms I can. I know we paid for a product that have problems and its frustrating because we have been waiting for a long time. I was there for the borderlands 2 release and it was a mess. Gearbox delivered in the months after and i got to play that game for 7 years after.

What I’m trying to say here is sometimes the message you are trying to pass gets looked over because the way it is delivered is toxic. Gearbox got flamed into oblivion with patches announcement and addressing problems that got delayed because of technical issues so now we get sweet f*** all and they stay as quiet as they can, no one can blame them for that. It was a direct reaction to people being disrespectful and toxic.

Our comunity is awesome, we all have been patient lets try to keep it like that and a big shout out @VaultHunter101 and all the mods on here, you guys are awesome and present, thank you.



I feel Gearbox gets a bad rap sometimes, it’s like they can’t win no matter what they do to try and please us, but being toxic in here won’t help speed things up, trust me I know…we just have to all be patient and realize that patches take time if they’re going to be done properly

If the pc crowd wish to take their frustration out, blame Epic :stuck_out_tongue: lol because I don’t think it’s Gearbox’s fault at all , there is so much bundled spyware in the DRM for the pc version of Borderlands 3 with it’s constant checking to see whether you’re online or not, that it’s bound to cause performance issues

I’m on my humble Xbox One S and I haven’t noticed hardly any of these issues people are talking about, except bad lag when you open up your menu

Anyway back on topic, We need to focus on the things we love about this game and be positive that we were given a fantastic game in BL3…we asked for this, we begged for a number 3 to be made, and It’s everything I and others always wanted for the next installment.

I’m sure that if Gearbox come in here and perused our comments and threads, it would seem like to them we’ve been behaving like spoilt children with all our moaning and whining, and it must depress them to no end…It’s like, can you guys say anything nice at all about our product lol

Yes this! they have got an extremely hard time dealing with all of us, and they’re doing a fantastic job (1 in particular will know who I’m talking about :smiley: )

Give it time, these threads will quieten down, it’s always like this with a new release…we focus so much on the negatives but we fail to acknowledge all the positive things we like about a game :+1:

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Thank you, I intend to play this for a long time and its not by whining or acting like childs that we are going to get gearbox to acknowledge our gripes

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Agreed 100% . BL3 is going to be it for a long, long, long time. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination!