Possibility of 2nd level cap increase

Is it necessary? If we could increase to lv72 who would benefit the most from it?

That would be to much, also why would they do it to 72? The skill trees work differently in this game.

I think we’re in a sweet spot at 60. More than enough skill points to do what you want without completely trivializing builds and the game. Not to mention having to refarm every piece of gear all over again is not something that I’m really interested in for a third time. It just got completely out of hand in BL2 with 50, 61, 72, and OP levels.


Exactly. I’m so glad you pointed this out.

I’ve seen this conversation so many times in the forums (new and old) and it’s always people assuming we will get the same caps as bl2 for some reason.

  • In Bl2 you got your first skill at level 5 and each tier required 5 points. So to get a capstone you needed 26 points not counting your action skill, or level 31 for one capstone and 57 for a second capstone

  • In TPS you got your first skill at level 3 and tiers 1,2,3,5 required 5 points but tier 4 only 1. So to get a capstone you need 22 points not counting your action skill or to be level 25 for one capstone and 47 for a second capstone.

It’s not about the points but where the points bring you. In bl1 you had enough points to get all 3 capstones but it seems the regretted that. That why in bl2 they stopped at 72 when you could get 2 capstones and a game changer with 4 points to spare. Thats pretty close to where we are now, 2 capstones, a tier 3 game changer wtih 2 points to spare.

At most I can see another level cap with 5 new levels and op levels, that would give us some more flexibility and lets us get more game changers since this game has more, without breaking things.

That makes sense. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

So… Level 70 would be just about awesome then.

I hope we don’t get another level increase. I would like to get OP levels though.

Yeah, I think that 60 is just perfect for a final level cap. But I’d hope that Gbx would give us a future mission that will award us a single skill point for PT1 and PT2 and something unique for PT3 akin to the Underdome. Two points can really make a difference in a build.

Without going to far, the season pass (which includes all the DLC’s) has 4 pieces, and we already know the content of them, maybe they add a few levels to go through the campaign DLC… who knows!

Off topic, but no one has any idea when the next two DLCs are supposed to drop right?

Nope we will know when they announce them. All will be delivered by oct 2015 is all we know now. But that doesn’t mean the last one will be in oct either, just before that at some point. Big window for 2 dlc.

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Only OP lv should be added, for the sake of challenge. No more endless farm please :frowning:

OP levels without gear advancement would actually be a good challenge. The original idea was to over power then level down with better gear but no serious player really did this. I think it makes more sense to force players wanting a greater challenge to play at increasingly harder levels with 60 level gear. It was always for diehards anyways.

The only problem with that is that there would be no reward for doing so. With OP levels in BL2, you faced tougher enemies, but got better loot in return.

I know it doesn’t LOGICALLY make sense, but you can see player psychology making this hard to pull off.

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You’re probably right. Perhaps an alternative would be an increased drop rate per level or offer up a skill point per level achieved.

They could simply add luneshine to guns awarded when the quest is made at OP levels,
Award different (and new) skins and heads when it’s the usual reward for the quest if it’s made at OP levels
make the cash and moonstone reward 5-10x bigger when the quest is made at OP levels.
Add a new challenge about completing X number of quests at OP levels for badass ranks

There are other interesting ways to reward players without simply making numbers bigger.

Of course, an increased drop rate is also a VERY good idea.

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I just want OP levels for more of a challenge, I could care less about a reward for them

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Make the OP lvs Like in BL2: a lot of Eridium(Moonstone) chests and a boss that has high chance of droping a pearl. Enough for me, kinda like a Raid Dungeon