Possibility of a multiverse

Could the possibility of a multiverse exist in BL?

-The Final Form and Disciples of the Vault skins both hint at a what-if scenario.
-During the main game, it’s hinted that the Eridians may have, in fact, come from a different plane of existence.
-As far back as BL1, the series points out that the siren’s powers are in some way connected to another dimension.
-DLC 2 hints that vault monsters such as Gythian even dead are connected to something beyond the physical plane. While the Seventh Sense, and the Eridian projector both appear to show another plane of existence. We then have Iris the spirit of Burton braggs dead daughter, and lets not forget claptraps misadventure for pearl of ineffable knowledge.
-In DLC 4, Maya as makes an interesting comment about the lodge from DLC2 appearing on Athenas, then disappearing the next day.

Any thoughts?


It was said they needed all the vault hunters they could get. Maybe the vault hunters they get for the real war is themselves from different universes.

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Gearbox helped make Half-Life, and based its original Borderlands Vault Monster on the extra-dimensional boss things from that game. So I always just assumed that there was a suggested tie-in between the Borderlands Universe and the weird extra-dimensional space from Half-Life.

Interesting, thanks for the info. Might not even stop there. It wouldn’t be the first series I have seen that does this.

Who knows, maybe will go to a different dimension if things don’t pan out.

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I mentioned the idea of a multiverse here: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/eureka-solving-borderlands-plotholes-without-retcons-rewrites/
I think it could really work, as an idea, and you make an excellent point about how the Lore supports the idea.
I’d add (mentioned in my post) that the device we get at the end of BL3 (the guardian mid core) is stated by Tannis to create other dimensions, so all the mayhem levels are actually other dimensions, already.

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I read a bit of your stuff; it’s interesting.

When it comes to things like the mayhem level device, I treat it like the respawn. I’m personally more interested in the story lore. IIBPO I can only see GBX doing this multiverse stuff if DLC 6 fails to grain traction. If that happens then they maybe able to weasel their way out if need be.

Just my opinion though.


A multiverse would be the easier way to delete BL3, even tho Randy Pitchford would still be CEO that doesn’t care about fans and put interns to write a triple A game.

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If wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a company do this when they write themselves into a corner. MK9 is a prime example of this.

Plus with the lore of the destroyer, vaults, guardians, eridians, and even the sirens its not out of the realm of possibility.