Possibility of BL3 pay to win

Recently I came across a post in another topic that said borderlands 3 could be pay to win. I Being the Normal Vault Hunter Myself though this would be impossible. So if anyone believes it will be pay to win please explain. Because 2K does not have 100% control of the game. It wont be like EA’s sport’s games except for some reason i’m doubting myself . If you think it will be or don’t think it will be . Then post below this reasons why. Yes i know its PVE .

Borderlands 3 won’t be pay to win right? Cause I hope it isn’t.

I wouldn’t worry about it

People were scared Bl3 would be an MMO or Battle Royal, or make it PVP like Destiny or this or that…

What happened it was just like Borderlands, Gearbox paid attention to what fans wanted and loved about Borderlands and delivered that.

Randy said no microtransactions but they will do cosmetics like bl2 which he doesn’t consider MTs.

Everything else is just pessimistic speculation.


So, first you try to provocate me, and now you make this backhanded topic?


Can’t be Pay to Win if it isn’t multiplayer/multiplayer focused

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I won’t worry about it .

Basically just jadedness and pessimism. Can’t be disappointed if you already expect the worst.

With the way the “AAA” industry has been going lately, the days of TPS, where skins were thrown at us left and right; where dozens of golden keys were given away practically every day; where a big chunk of the best gear was mission rewards; where if you still didn’t like the drop rates, you could cheat… these seem like bygone days that will never come back, and if someone under Take 2 interactive’s umbrella does promise it, it seems too good to be true.

But like Derch said, it’s just pessimism, albeit one taught by the very industry BL3 is coming from.

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Well they said for the most part the pay to win mechanics and cash grabs like boosters found in many free to play games wouldn’t be present. However people are still worried because of take two’s influence due to other games they published.

Some of it is under fire in the US as some politicians are currently targeting lootboxes.

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I swear Social Media breeds gamer paranoia


Cant see them making this Pay too win it would be an oversight if they did,

I’m curious to know what you think “pay to win” would actually mean within the context of a Borderlands game? After all, It’s not an MMO game where story progress is simply a means to support PvP play. So what exactly is there to “win”?

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Since this is a borderlands game you would have to buy weapon and gear to defeat people in duels curious where this will go

If anything, this would be a “pay to lose” scenario instead of P2W. If you buy a bunch of good gear for a PvE game it only makes the game go quicker so you spend less time with it, making it less fun in my opinion. I would never use IRL money to buy upgrades in a PvE game but to each their own I guess.

Of course it is pay 2 win folks!!!

You can buy cosmetics that make you look cooler than others so thats totally pay 2 win for the fashion war between the vault hunters!!!

Joke aside:
Rly guys I feel so tired of some people not knowing what P2W actual mean that it hurts ^^

P2W is the act where buying stuff with real money give you an advantage in a competetive game which allready indicates that it needs to be multiplayer based and in a way of competition against each other.

So any game that have some kind of xp booster and other stuff that otherwise are single or coop focused can’t be a P2W game…or could it?

The anser is yes it could be if the items bought are not helping to achieve a goal but actual are needed to accomplish it this is actual also a possible way how P2W could work and how it is often done in mobile games even without a competetive focus.

P2W starts where the games mechanics doesn’t allow for reasonable success without having to pay money. For example If you need to grind 1000 years or wait 1000 hours before you can get an item that allows you to get to the end of the game it would also be P2W if you can just buy it with real money.

So in total:
P2W is the act where buying stuff with real money give you an advantage in a game which is needed to finish the game in a reasonable way or giving you an advantage over others competing with you in the game.

But the Borderlands games are not competitive. Aside from duelling (more of an irritant than anything since it gets you nothing) and the arenas in BL1 (notably absent from BL2) there has been no PvP element. And so far, there’s been nothing to indicate any significant such element in BL3. (Randy explicitly ruled out a Battle Royale mode in the PAX East reveal.)

The word on the street (from the gameplay reveal) is that the XP and loot boosters mentioned would be rather like the ones found in BL2. In other words, they might speed up levelling and help a little bit with better than common gear, but they aren’t going to be game changers.

I guess we’ll know more in September when we get our hands on the actual game. But even if it was something like the boosters in Battleborn (double XP) I wouldn’t be too concerned - I never bought those, and pretty much all of my max level characters in that game got there without boosts just fine.

Yea it’s PVE not PVP which is the very reason why PTW is really not possible in the borderlands franchise. And like if said earlier these guys are not nearly like EA who scams people to make them good at the game . If it is a PTW The franchise would die rn. Not to mention Pay for extra is better than PTW. And I being a Borderlands fan don’t want it to go that way.

never thought it was beyond the joke with the cosmetics ^^

BL3 is as much going to be P2W as it is BL2 or BL1 if it would be the case I wouldn’t buy it.

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well to be honest it would absolutely be possible but of course it will not be otherwise it would be the end for BL franchise. Like mentioned P2W is not only something that advantages Competition but also something that could prevend you from finishing the game if you have no or at least no reasonable access to it.

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IMO when it comes to things like cash shop drop rate boosters, exp boosters, etc I don’t see it as pay to win in a PvE game. Even in an online game like Fallout 76 which is mostly PvE with some PvP aspects, I don’t really view the controversial atomic shop repair kits as pay to win as there are ways to get them in game for free and the amount of times I’ve actually had to repair anything in my camp since the prelaunch beta can be counted on 1 hand.

However I do still classify it as a sort of predatory microtransaction targeting people with mindsets that will create a subconscious need to have boosters, children that just have no real concept for money, or just people that throw money away on a regular basis. Overall they don’t really gain anything with these in PvE in the long run.

Cosmetics could technically be called predatory as well though as there will be people that just simply have to have EVERYTHING in a game and will buy everything made available just to have it. If they go as far as to sell OP equipment as microtransactions… well I don’t see that happening since its a looter game and Diablo 3 kind of gave a good idea of how badly that can go in the looter genre with the auction house they originally had in that game and later removed.

I also don’t expect them to go the route of loot boxes for cosmetics either since that is one of the things being targeted by multiple countries atm and already banned in at least 1 as a predatory transaction that promotes gambling addictions.

  • “Buy more slots for the lost&found! It’s not an actual advantage, c’mon!” But it does give you more purples (to possibly grind)
  • "Buy in-game dollars! We only said no premium currency, in-game dollars can be earned by just playing :slight_smile: "
  • "The reviews are in! A DLC pack of weapon skins released after launch grant luneshine bonuses. It’s only a small bonus, c’mon :slight_smile: "
  • One of those bonuses noticeably improves the terrible droprates.
  • After reaching level 50, you can still earn XP and get lootboxes in the new hub zone in the DLC! But players that don’t have the time to play so much, we give the choice to buy lootboxes. Don’t worry, it only has cosmetics in it…and perhaps a legendary gun or two. Oops :slight_smile: "
  • "Buy the ultimate vault hunter DLC pack, with a 4th skill tree for Amara, only 9.99! What’s that? You want one for the other vault hunters? Don’t worry, you can buy them for 9.99 each! The 4th skill tree contains broken overpowered skills btw, which are necessary to deal with the brickwall that is the endgame difficulty :slight_smile: "

Just a few that I can think of. And I’m just a nerd, actual experts have gotten pretty creative with this stuff in the past. Not saying these will happen, in fact BL3 seems promising so far, but I don’t trust any AAA developer/publisher until I see things for myself. Just look at the absolute scummery Destiny 2 pulled. A lot of it after launch, too.

True, so technically “pay2win” doesn’t apply in the literal sense, but we’ve seen singleplayer games be blatantly compromised and gutted in the name of microtransactions before (Shadow of Mordor, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, etc). Like @agheronso says, if the game is crap unless I pay, using the term “p2w” might be somewhat inaccurate, but still valid imo.

PS: Take 2 Interactive’s biggest shareholder gets a several million dollar bonus specifically if the company meets a certain profit quota from microtransactions. I.e. one of the most influential bosses is personally, financially motivated to finnagle this dung into his games.