Possibility of manual lore reset?

I was wondering if there would be a chance to implement individual or even all characters lore reset similar to prestiging in borderlands?

Part of me wanting it is due to accidentally selling 2 legendary lore pieces by mistake(my bad) but the other part is its actually fun trying to achieve these. I know the randomness of the stats went away for these items which would have been a great reason for it in the first place
I was thinking maybe have the prestige cause it to have slightly better stats each time (kinda like the gear having its own leveling system), though at the same time it seems a little much, and the question then becomes how far can you push it?


Keep in mind that the legendary itself is provided by the completion of a challenge, so you’d be asking for a “reset challenges” in addition to resetting the lores themselves (since you can’t very well complete the lores again if they’re already completed).

My solution to people who accidentally sell a lore legendary is to simply make it so that you cannot sell lore legendaries. Either that or make it so that, when you’ve unlocked a lore legendary, you can buy duplicates from the marketplace for 1000 coins or something.

Over 400h and I had no idea this was a thing… :joy: