Possibility of releasing original HW1 battle chatter

As we know, the original HW1 battle chatter was replaced by HQ versions of HW2’s. I agree that SOME pieces of it made it to the remastered (You can hear most of the guarding order acknowledging: “Acknowledge, ready for escort” or “Flight control engaged to assuming position” for example), but one of the things I want to do is to try to adapt the HW1 dialogues to HW2 situations: that is, replace the HW2’s battle chatter lines with ones from HW1 that best matches them.

I know how to extract the lines from the original version, and my intention is to give them some audio effects treatment to better integrate them with the Remastered; but I already believe the result is not gonna sound nice.

I want to ask to some of the devs, if they know, if there is ANY possibility that Ruskay releases the HQ versions of the original HW1 lines. I don’t want the outtakes, as I’m sure there would be plenty and would a sense of freshness, just the lines present in the shipped build. I understand there is no profit harm in doing so, as they have no purpose now.

Thanks! :relaxed:

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