Possibility to port EiB Stuff to RTH30?

Hey guys, it’s been a while since i last asked a question so… is it possible to port EiB Contents to RTH30? like AI Behavior and Weapons, im just planning to use them Personally…

I can import Static meshes and Textures just fine, but my main goal is to actually getting the EiB Artificial Intelligence Behavior working in RTH30 (In this case, @Rendroc is helping me and working on it already… but it obviously still takes time, add the fact that he also have more things at his hand right now.) and New Weapons from EiB such as M3A1 and FG42 Etc…


As for weapons, I think you should be able to port them. The main problem is the code, but–although I haven’t tested this–I think this should copy over quite easily.

Then all that’s left is the textures and meshes, and you said this isn’t a problem. Sounds like a plan!

As for the AI, well, as @Warrior250 and I have discussed it’s more difficult because it’s custom C++ code, which we can’t mod, but there are still more avenues to explore.

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i really wish port the M1928 of Hell’s Highway in EiB and RtH30