Possibilitys and idea's for borderlands 3

Hey guys, first of all i’m new to this site although i have been a die hard fan of borderlands since the first game.
I bought every dlc for ps3 of all games after switching to ps4 with the handsome edition.

Now i just wanted to lay down some concerns i have with borderlands 3 where all borderlands games had there goods and bad i really hope gearbox fixes these things for borderlands 3.

First of i want to point out the good things about the games that i really appreciated trough out the years.

In borderlands 1 i really liked the pearlescent weapons they where truly top of the notch. Some with dual elemental damage some with other great aspects also the overall weapons where great legendairy weapons where actually really good and was worth the trouble for.
As in borderlands 2 there are legendairy weapons that are just being avoided because they are not even worth the waste of ammo.
The wide variety in additional content was also really good and alot of fun especially the general knoxx dlc for obvious loot wh*ring reasons. In the pre-sequal we didnt get this wich is really ashame because the claptrap dlc was really fun and i would have loved to see more dlc’s that are at that same level of fun and challenge.
Modding weapons in borderlands was also a nice thing. I wasn’t the best in it but i did learn more about what happens when diffrent gun parts are combined on a gun. Where i do understand why it got taken out of the game i would love to see modding making a come back in borderlands 3. What i think would be a great idea is to combine certain modding to the grinder wich we encountered in de pre-sequal. Now what i’m going for is for example you put 3 guns in the grinder you can select a item from each weapon you would like to keep for example a vladof barrel a maliwan mag and a hyperion grip so you get improved firerate slightly buffed elemental damage and slight weapon accuracy. This gives a whole new perspective on guns as you now can pick up any weapons for its part and gives more freedom to the user in terms of personalising guns maybe parst from a purple rarity weapon give a better boost than a white or green weapon for example.
Also i would love to see legendairy weapons being all usefull again especially pearlescent weapons that are so hard to get, its a real kick in the junk if i try to get one for hours at the time,finally get one and end up tickling my enemy’s till i run out of ammo.

What i would also like to see is the change in enemy level during the main missions.
When i start a new character and the story is really good i want to stick completely to the story without interupting it with side quests until i finish the main campaign what i have noticed in borderlands 2 is that at a certain point my character is not strong enough to proceed in the story forcing me to do sidequests until i get at least 2 or 3 levels higher. Meanwhile in the dlc’s the enemy’s adjust perfect for some reason.

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas.
Sorry for the long post and sorry in case of bad grammar