Possible 3rd person mode idea

So been playing Borderlands 3 some, its actually one of my fav in the series so far. However i’m one of the people who even before it launched was hoping a 3rd person mode would be added to this games.
I know its not a popular idea and most people on here are to dead set on keeping it 1st person, which brings me to the idea, one that might please everyone.

What if Gearbox added the different melee weapons you see in the game as actual weapons for our characters? And when you equip them your put into 3rd person?
That way it stays a 1st person shooter with the option of a 3rd person style. Don’t wanna use 3rd person? Just don’t equip the melee weapons.

This is basically the same style Destiny took in order to appeal not just to 1st person fans but draw in 3rd person as well. And for the most part it worked, their number went up.
Not to mention in a mostly co-op style game like Boarderlands the whole “You can peek around corners” argument is nulled out since the main focus is to play with players rather then against.

I personally feel this would not only make 3rd person players happy and draw them to the game but we could finally get to use weapons like Zero’s sword, or the Maniac’s maces.

Please Gearbox, people have even gone so far as to mod the past Borderlands games to have 3rd person. The demand is there, and its not as small as people here claim it to be.
Please consider this.


I doubt a 3rd person view in a game with character customization is an unpopular idea. Players like seeing their goofy avatars in action. Not having it probably has more to do with it being a lot of extra work for the developers.

I loved being able to see my TORGUE Maya in BL2 with mods, would like to see it in BL3 too, just without all the bugs.

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I would rather just have a button like Vermintide does where it will zoom the camera out just when you’re standing still, purely for vanity so you can see the character model. Maybe also like Verm, another button to look at/brandish your weapon. Again, strictly for vanity.

I’d rather gameplay wise, as a melee focus thing it would also help add in new weapons as well.
I’m not a fan of Bungie all that much but what they did with their 3rd person was pure genius. If Gearbox did something like this they could easily double the people playing as they could now reach out to 3rd person fans.
But again this idea would be so only with the melee weapons you’d be in 3rd person, once you switch to a gun your back in 1st.

Please Gearbox I feel this would bring in a ton more people and be a welcomed thing.
After all if you don’t wanna use it you just don’t equip the melee weapons.

Personally I’m all for it, but I’m a big gears fan also.

I think there are technical issues to consider first, primarily the frame rates. It has a hard time keeping up, without having to render your character model already.

The weird UI hitches, in particular with couch co-op.

The funky slowdown while driving.

I’d rather they get the technical stuff handled first, boost the storage greatly, balance the drop rates, before putting in a 3rd person camera.

Make a lot of good points. I personally haven’t seem much issues when switching from driving 3rd person back to 1st, or after reviving, but i have heard of the issues. I just chalked it up to early launch issues.

The couch co-op is the main problem, however since they already have the cam for 3rd person on some things i don’t see it as much of an issue.
As i said with the melee weapons being the only way to switch to 3rd person most won’t use them, either outta not wanting to play in 3rd person or switching them for higher level weapons. All in all in the games current state its about 50-50. With future patches the game should be in a better position for this.

I don’t see why anyone would be against this, as it’s a very simple feature to implement and they could just put it as an option for you to change it based on your preferences. Everybody wins.

We can already play in 3rd person view with vehicles, so why not allow it while being on foot too?

Or just do like they did in Destiny, melee weapons put you in that view.
I mean come on you can’t say anyone here hasn’t though “Why can’t i pick up the clubs the melee maniacs drop after i kill them?”

the biggest issues with that would be potential performance issues, and pretty much all of the weapons would need to have adjusted values, as what works for them in 1st person might seem janky in 3rd person.

Guys guys your missing what i’m been posting it wouldn’t be 3rd person in guns ONLY melee weapons. ONLY.

That is way too specific and odd. Never happening and the idea is jenk af imho.

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Tell that to Destiny, works fine for them and they are a shooter arguably similar to this.
If your gonna try and troll at least have something to fall back on ok?

Trolling is where you say whatever not caring about what you actually say and merely using what you say as a tool for a desired reaction. That isn’t what I did. I genuinely feel like your idea is jenky. Doesn’t mean I’m right and you’re wrong or that either is more valid, but that’s simply how I feel about your idea so deal with it.

What’s your hang-up on melee weapons producing a 3rd person view? Melee weapons aren’t even remotely a part of Borderlands 3 play. This isn’t Destiny.

If you’re gonna advocate for a 3rd person point of view camera angle, why not just implement a toggle? Would be easier to implement than having to also rework and add a melee system to a game that doesn’t have one just for the sake of a different camera angle.

I get it. Destiny did it and it’s cool there. But aside from Brick and Krieg ,Borderlands doesn’t have melee characters.

Just seems like your trying to go around the ass to get to the elbow.

I didn’t address the “3rd person in melee only” part because I don’t see Gearbox adding a robust melee system to BL3. This isn’t Warframe, it’s not a game in a perpetual beta state where they can throw in whatever and see what sticks.

I like melee action like in Batman, Warframe, etc., but nobody plays BL3 for the melee, so limiting the 3rd person view to melee is a wonky idea.

A toggle to enter 3rd person at any time would be great, but like I said before, it’s probably a lot of work to implement because I’ve seen other developers say the same thing about needing to tweak a buttload of stuff to make both views work in games like this.

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Honestly no a bad idea, it would be cool to see the characters a little more if we wanted to.

Mordecai & Zero would like a word, as would Amara.

I’ll say it again, simply add a vanity button(s) like Vermintide has. When you’re standing still (and only when standing still), anywhere and at any time, press the assigned button and the camera pans so you can see your character from 3rd person view. Can also have a secondary assigned button to brandish and display your weapon out in front of you, again like Vermintide. This I believe would be 100% doable and require zero retooling or additional coding and optimization to implement.

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I personally would welcome it. Whats the use of visual character customization when you cant see it most of the time?