Possible arm cannons?

Yeah ikr.
i was also thinking maybe he/she has it for an arm or something; and yes i know reyna already kinda has that and its been done to death but it’s still so ****ing cool.

It never gets old.

@MentalMars Suggests the character ISIC having Arm Cannons in his site :slight_smile:


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yeah… that’s pretty cool but it isn’t a cyborg arm cannon, which was more what i was on about in the original conversation.

well at least he has a massive cannon which looks particularly badass.


Do you read onepunch man? If you do you just became my favorite person.

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Yes i do. think how crazy it would be to have a character like Genos in battleborn. being super serious while the most ludicrous stuff happens around him. :grinning:

I feel like a charecter with Saitama’s personality would be fantastic in this game. like an easter egg in the campaign would be hysterical.