Possible Badass Glitch Found

Playing as Moze on PC at level 65 on Mayhem 8 an unusual feature playing the Homestead side missions in the Splinterlands occured. After completing the 4 switches and taking on the army of Maliwan troops two purple badasses appeared. They had a round shield and fired a type of laser beam. These two badasses were imune to every type of weapon eg all elements, non-elemental genades and Iron Bear. However after killing the ‘normal’ enemies and battling these ‘purple badasses’ the mission completed. Even though the mission had completed the badasses returned on every reboot. Is it possible to kill these? If so how?

Yes, you’ve got some options. But i’ll give 2 you tips.

  1. The fun way. Don’t shoot at the at all when they have their shield up. It reflects everything and will kill both you and your bear in seconds. Only shoot at them after they throw the shield at you. And hide when they flare up.

It’s a waiting game, and they got 2 immunity stances, essentially (purple shield - frontal immunity, on fire - full immunity).

  1. The easy way. Use vanquisher pods with active tracking augment, lock on to them and then look straight up and fire away. Your rockets will volley and rain down on them, bypassing the shield and most likely hit their heads for criticals.

You might be able to make them flinch with nades aswell, which will leave them open for attacks. They don’t do much damage on their own, the shield reflection is what makes them so deadly.

Good luck, hope it helps you with ganking them.


Sounds like anointed militants. They are kind of a pain to deal with, but they aren’t fully immune. They are just annoyingly tanky and have upsetting immunity stages, but they aren’t technically unkillable.

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Yep, that would be the Anointed Militants. Possibly the worst enemy in the entire game. There are areas where 3 or 4 of them can spawn at once in mayhem 10.

As suggested wait for them to throw their shield at you, then hit them with everything you have. Also, any ricocheting projectiles off of nearby enemies seem to penetrate some of their immunity garbage.

I don’t mind fighting the other anointed types - their combat mechanics are fun for me - but I will basically start ignoring them the moment a second immunity phase begins (unless my mission for the night is, “everything in the map dies”).

As in, don’t hesitate to just work around them and leave them behind if you’re not into it.

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Just to add a few more ways to deal with anointed militant with IB. One is use minigun’s exploding bullets and hit the ground near him, a little behind him if possible. Another way is to run up to him, he will put away his shield to melee you, which gives you a second or two to blow him up with rail gun,or BEARFIST

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If you have the Auto Bear skill, you might be able to draw their focus while AB shoots them in the back, too.

Trial of Fervor says hi

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