Possible Bennedict Lore Glitch

So, I just got done with a match as Bennedict. Locked him in because my team had a Ghalt, Montanna and Oscar Mike so I wanted to get progress on his “The Tour” lore challenge. Finished the match and didn’t get any progress added to that specific lore challenge but still got progress added for his other challenges. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

For devs sake:

Match ID # 20160529-95378c22-8b99-4283-8cf0-a642ac201ba6

is there a chance any of the other UPR left before the match finished? the game only checks for those “play with X character” challenges at the end, so even if they play 95% of the mission, if they leave before it ends it won’t be counted.

Pretty sure the Oscar Mike DC’d actually. We weren’t winning. That’s probably what happened then.