Possible best annointment for face puncher for all characters

Think I just got the best annointment for the facepuncher shot gun. “Melee has a 25% chance to terrify you” which applies to shooting the gun itself. From some testing (though its hard to tell since there are so many ghosts around) but it seems to be a per pellet application, meaning every pellet has that 25% chance to apply terror to you. Able to do some really fun builds on my moze with it and will hopefully max out an amara and just wreck everything.

Sadly the gun is a single shot variant, meaning its dps is a little lower than a double prefix could deal. But the utility of this thing, combined with other terrify anointments is crazy. I seem to get maxed out on the terrify stat within 2 shots.

Planning on farming a transformer with either reflecting bullet anointment or damage negation anointment for my moze. Using that with an anointed shock trevonater that heals you on action skil end (healing more with more stacks of terrify) has made me litterally unkillable. Low on health? Shoot the floor for the electric splash damage or go into action skill. Just having so much fun with this stuff.

Like im running like 48k shields on moze without phalanx buffs and can tank like nothing else now, I feel like a total god, even on mayhem 3.