Possible “bug” in the floating “hearts”?!?

Has anyone noticed a possible “bug” within the floating hearts that spawn in during the event?!? I’ve had a couple instances in the Cistern of Slaughter where I’ve had a heart spawn in with the tag “Wrong event error” or something like that, and when it explodes it spawns the ghosts from the Bloody Harvest event. Funny thing is I killed a Loot Ghost from this and got a L53 Fearmonger to drop. I got not one Fearmonger in the actual event so this is quite odd to me, lol. Anyone else encounter this potential “bug”???

It’s deliberate, gearbox officially said it’s meant to be there. Cool way to get some gear you might have missed in last event, and get level 53 stuff.

I gotcha. Thought it was weird getting a Fearmonger now since I never got one during the actual Bloody Harvest event. :joy:

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I scored a 53 shock one too, hoping for a 53 ghast call.