[Possible bug] vgr_carrier.lua

data\ship\vgr_carrier\vgr_carrier.lua may have the wrong code in it. The code refers to the hgn_carrier and hgn_mothership instead of vgr.

Oddly, that code in both cases (hgn and vgr even incorrectly copied) is useless. It effectively does nothing, and should be removed. Actually - both of those lua files are just wasted space…

Another possible bug.

In “data\ship\vgr_carrier_carrieronly\tags\gbx.lua” there is an extra “d” character that causes the script to fail. Do I delete the “d”? Or is it supposed to mean something?

My version doesn’t have a tags folder under the root (or hgn_car root)… where did you get that?

It is “data\ship\vgr_carrier\deathmatch\tags\gbx.lua” sorry.

I’m pretty sure I extracted it from HW2Ships.big.

Maybe the “d” stands for “delete”?


Here are some other files with lonesome "d"s in them:


Those are all from homeworld2.big. I haven’t checked the other archives yet.