Possible Changes to Gaige's Skils

I’m like 99% sure it hasn’t been changed but I will check again. No idea about the hotfix

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Please take time to check the DoT value too. (that’s the part I’m actually curious about the most)

Ok, so both the main damage and the DOT for S&A appear to have been increased by around 600-700%. Either I made a mistake at some point, or the hot-fix did more than what it told. At OP8 I’m getting around 330K with no modifiers and the DOT is around 55500 to 57500 per tick.(It fluctuates alot). I will check everything else later and see if anything else was changed.

If anyone else has old videos of pictures of Gaiges skills being used with DMG numbers that would be extremely helpful. I can’t find jack on OTB so I can’t tell if its been changed or if its placebo.

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Alright :smile:
I am toying around with a new build, and I thought it was weird that no one had thought of that in the last 2 years.

I’m wondering if the “sub-par” ratting in the DDD Skills Guide put people off.

Are there any level 72 OP0 or OP8 builds in the Master Build Collection that use it? Should be some video links from there.

This reminds me, since I recently ported Poka’s [DDD] Gaige’s skills for you! thread over from the old Forum, some of the skill ratings will need to be adjusted accordingly based upon the 10/29/2015 patch. Since I am not a Gaige expert, some of the more experienced Gaige players should probably look at the thread, test out the skills and recommend changes based upon the resulting data. Also, it would be helpful to know if the new recommended rating applies to one or more than one of Gaige’s skill trees. I would like there to be a consensus of preferably at least 3, before making any changes. Please let me know, guys. Thanks! :blush:

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Keep an eye on the two poll posts in the thread above (#24 and #27?) Would be a good starting point anyway.

I never used to spec it myself, but Poka habitually did (does, I guess, if he’d stop that Bloodborne nonsense). He also has PhysX at high settings so it’s a mess to find the numbers. Might be worth a try though.

an 100% dmg Buff would double the Damage from 797k to 1594k.
so 797k to 1945k is a 144% dmg buff. (797+797*1.44/100)
or am I mistaken something ?

Beside that, i thought DFA and IO are good now and played with them a time. But compared to the fibber dmg without stacks, it doesn’t matter. And Fibber with stacks it doesn’t matter at all.
The biggest Problem with IO is, that you only gain 1 stack while reloading or taking cover. There is no point in waiting for 5stacks to do +4000k dmg when in the same time every shot that hit do the same damage (more or less one third of the mag)

Also, am I correct informed that points in IO only affect the damage, but the slag chance is only determinished by the stacks you have ?

No, the number of stacks and the rank in the skill both influence the slag chance

There are plenty of good things about IO. Sure you could be doing the same amount of damage by shooting instead of waiting for your stacks to fill up, but the reverse is also true: You don’t have to shoot and you are still “doing damage”. It’s a skill that stabilizes your DPS by filling up any gaps with potential damage.

Any time you’re moving from one area to the next, you’re still “doing damage”
Any time you’re reloading, ducking behind cover, throwing a grenade, summoning DT, switching gun… you’re still doing damage. It encourages you to take other actions without losing your DPS. that in itself is very very good.

And on top of that, it debuffs!
The first shot of any engagement is almost always a guaranteed slagged target…with a big missing chunk of health.

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I agree with all of this. Plus, it really doesn’t take that long to regain stacks. It’s worth the points in my book, especially if you have a COM that will give it a boost.

My only complaint is that slag applied by IO seems to wear off enemies much faster than that applied by, say, a Magic Missile or plasma caster. Anyone have a clue about how that side of the equation works? Does the duration depend on the initial slag damage only, or on the chance to slag? I know it will be modified by “resistance to slag” which will vary between enemy types; is there anything else that factors in?

Duration is 8 seconds, 16 in UVHM.
Terra resist slag, maybe some other enemies do too.

Other than that, there are no other factors AFAIK

I have noticed that IO slag will sometimes wear off very fast, but I’m inclined to say it’s a bug rather than part of an intended function of the game. Something about a timer that resets at the same time as the IO timer does sounds like something that might be happening.

Isn’t slag duration 5 seconds, and 8 seconds in UVHM?

Nope. It’s 8 seconds in normal mode.

Then IO is seriously bugged still with regard to duration, because it is nowhere near that long in any mode!

I don’t want to say that IO isn’t a good skill specially while playing through the game with non optimized weapons and to add free damage to your shoots but at the end waiting for stacks doesn’t make that much damage as shooting the enemy.

OP8 Level 80 slagged Vandal (Marcus Mission)

Level 10 IO 5 stacks 3960 K Dmg
Level 10 IO 1 stack   792 K Dmg

Slagged this Target with IO and it’s 16seconds slagged

Noticed while checking the dmg numbers:
When you only wait for 1 stack, shoot, 1stack, shoot … instead of wait for 5 stacks you only need a little bit more time but doing more dmg because you have the shot dmg as bonus.
(IO needs ~2 sec for the first stack and ~8sec for 5stacks)

OP8 Level 80 Vandal (Marcus Mission)
Barrel 3 OP8 Schock Fibber (Level 2 Wires don’t talk)
0 Anarchy Stacks

                  Without Bee           Bee
without slag      1182 K                7216 K
with slag         3528 K                21756 K
                                                  +35% Shock Bone of the Ancients
without slag      1858 K                9783 K
with slag         5576 K                29725 K

With a Shock Fibber + Bone of the Ancients (without slag + Bee) against a flesh enemy I only need 3 hits (max ~9 shots) to outperform a 5 stack IO and I can shoot a lot (2 magazines = 28 shots) in the time I have to wait for 5 stacks.

Once again I don’t find IO isn’t a good skill. But it isn’t worth waiting for stacks when you can shoot instead.
There are times (no enemies, reload, under massive fire…) where you can gain stacks that add free dmg.

It’s a rather limited way of looking at it.

It’s not like the only 2 things you can do in the game are “shooting” and “not shooting”. In comparison, IO is not cutting it vs straight up shooting. But what are you doing while the stacks accumulate by themselves? If you’re just standing there doing nothing, you’re wasting your time, but If you’re throwing grenades for example, then it’s just pure extra. There are a LOT of things you can do during that time. Reloading, summoning DT, throwing grenades, swapping guns…

You’re right that it’s not worth stopping shooting to stack IO, but it’s not what it’s intended for.

It’s a stop gap skill. It’s meant to even out your DPS. It’s meant to make it so that whenever you decide to do anything but shoot, you’re not penalized for it.

With a playstyle that revolves around shorter mags and more frequent reloads, IO alone makes up for the difference. Instead of seeing it as a bad alternative to shooting, If you see it as a way to enhance everything else, it starts to look much better. :smile:

Edit: Another example is sniping. If you are sniping, you’re likely taking your time to aim, and if you miss IO doesn’t go off. In that case, IO is just pure extra too.

Also… please don’t bring the Bee in there. Crutches are just that. If you’re using the Bee, NOTHING is better than straight up shooting.


that’s more or less that what I said, or at least wanted to say in my limited english

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Alright, glad we’re on the same page :smile:

So, Shock and AAAGGGGHHH! is actually sorta pretty good now. On its own, its only useful for stripping weak shields and healing with a Grog, but when you get the synergy going with the other skills its pretty frickin good.