Possible Changes to Gaige's Skils

It appears that some of Gaige’s skills may have been changed in the latest patch. Keyword being may. I am currently digging up my old files and records to compare. I will update this thread with more info as I confirm it.

GOD DAMN it feels good to do this ■■■■ again

I really hope it! Just imagine SS and One-Two Boom helping to spread EB across the map, oh my

Old Interspersed Outburst LVL 72 DMG[quote]
1 Stack: 169K
2 stacks: 339K
3 Stacks: 509K
4 Stacks: 679K
5 stacks: 848K[/quote]

New Interspersed Outburst LVL 72 DMG

1 Stack: 414K
2 Stacks:828K
3 Stacks: 1242K
4 Stacks: 1657K
5 Stacks: 2071K[/quote]

An approximately 244% buff in damage!

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Old Death From Above LVL 72 DMG:

Rank 1: 53057
Rank 2: 106K
Rank 3: 159K
Rank 4: 212K
Rank 5: 265K
Rank 6: 318K
Rank 7: 371K
Rank 8: 424K
Rank 9: 477K
Rank 10: 530K
Rank 11: 583K
Rank 11 + Explosive Relic 37%: 797K[/Quote]

New Death From Above LVL 72 DMG:

Rank 1: 129K
Rank 2: 258K
Rank 3: 388K
Rank 4: 517K
Rank 5: 647K
Rank 6: 776K
Rank 7: 906K
Rank 8: 1035K
Rank 9: 1165K
Rank 10: 1294K
Rank 11: 1424K
Rank 11 + Explosive Relic 37%: 1945K[/quote]

Another 244%ish buff in damage!

Deathtrap Shock attack has not been touched
Wires Don’t Talk has not been touched, still does not boost DOT
Gaige’s Melee DMG vs Melee-weak enemies has not been fixed
shock and “AAAGGGGHHH!” has not been touched
Shock Storm appears to have been buffed, but I need to test more

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It’s been buffed, @ACNAero was on Discord yesterday with some very nice-looking numbers.
I had no idea about DFA - did you get a feel for if they’ve solved the problem with all the random procs?
One-Two Boom seems to have gotten a slight buff, but it seems minor, it’s still a pain to use and it still messes with DT’s AI. The active range on the explosion still seems way too low.

I only had time for a quick run yesterday, so take that with a grain of salt.

On the whole I’m loving this patch so far, after 3.5K hours in the game new possibilities suddenly abound

(Sorry for the kaomoji cuteness, but I refuse to use the forum emoticons.)

Im looking foward to Shock Storm and One-Two Boom!

I was wondering the same thing.

I noticed BIG improvements with Maya yesterday, not even knowing anything about the patch, but the Hornet was really melting loaders due to Cloud Kill improvement. I was wondering for Gaige too: Electrical Burn… notably.

No need to apologise for something that looks better than hte regular smileys.

Yeah. This patch is great. @ACNAero already showed me that Shock Storm is a viable skill now. I’m happy to see that I/O got its damage increased and that DFA is less suck now.

Extremely pleased with this patch.

Since I’ve been summoned by two people here, here are the screenshots I took while doing some numbers. OP0, no com, no shock relic, no skills except Meylin and SS, 5/5 in the skill.

Pre-Patch. If it’s hard to read, it’s 21000 damage with approx 9000 DoT.

After the patch:

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Thanks. Frankly the forum smileys freak me out.

…sort of. The damage on it is improved as @0verload showed, and during a short run I didn’t have it go off at random as often as it used to, but that’s not saying much. It still frequently procs when it shouldn’t, and it’s a drag of a skill with high ranks where the sweetest damage is.
You literally have to walk along the ground for the first 10 minutes to even get a fair number of stacks. I’m not sure I can play Gaige like that, TBH.

The only thing I could find was a COM which boosted DFA by 3, and at 8/5 that Digisplosion doesn’t really impress much on OP8 given that it comes at such a high Anarchy cost.

There might be better ways to offset this which I haven’t thought of, but even high points in Typecast with a Leg Anarchist COM frequently made me lose stacks on an exchange - and there are no COMs which boost both Typecast and DFA unless I’m very mistaken.

It’s early days, but right now I’m still not sold on this skill, the buff notwithstanding.

I still wouldn’t use DFA either. Discord already eats Anarchy when it is called for and I like to keep my stacks as high as my builds would allow me. The unreliable proccing still hurts.

That said, while I still cannot wholheartedly recommend using DFA, atleast now it can be said that its damage does more than a mere tickle. And my Dahl allegiance Gaige will make use of SS for sure.

I have to update my build with SS instead of So5G

That’s something I’ve never tried. How do you build and gear her?

Currently, on my Jakobs allegiance run (Dahl one hasn’t started yet), I prefarm the gear at cap via a alt. But n the character itself I farm that manufacturers legendary aswell when possible on lower levels. if that is what you mean.

Skill tree is planned beforehand, with COM in mind offcourse. Gives some challenge to the game, not by much, but still.

I don’t have any recorded data for pre-patch LVL 72 Shock Storm, only LVL 61, so I had to do the post-patch at LVl 61 so I can get an idea of how much of a DMG buff it got.

Old LVL 61 Shock Storm DMG[quote]
1: 1384
2: 2767
3: 4150
4: 5533
5: 6916
6: 8300
7: 9683
8: 11066
9: 12449
10: 13832
11: 15215

New LVL 61 Shock Storm DMG
Ranks above 5 done with a LVL 61 Catalyst with +45% Team Elemental Effect DMG.

Rank 1: 3071
Rank 2: 6142
Rank 3: 9212
Rank 4: 12283
Rank 5: 15354
Rank 6: 18424
Rank 7: 21495
Rank 8: 24566
Rank 9: 27826
Rank 10: 30707
Rank 11: 33777[/quote]

Overall a 222%ish damage buff

New LVL 72 Shock Storm DMG
Ranks above 5 done with a LVl 72 Catalyst +50% Team Elemental Effect DMG.

You tested the damage on shielded enemies right? I can only reproduce the numbers on shielded targets.

I didn’t think about that… The marauders in the second screenshot are shielded. the psycho’s in the first shot were probably not.

I was thinking more about specific gear you’ll be favoring or looking for, especially since I can never remember which manufacturer makes which COM. Seeing that Dahl makes the Prodigy ones, the planning seems less arduous (^_~)

I’ve been lazy about allegiance runs for Gaige and only done the obvious Hyperion and Maliwan ones, plus a semi-Jakobs version.

Anyone got a sense on how this has all affected the choices between Shock Storm, Electrical Burn, and Wires Don’t Talk?

I took my level 69 (yes, I know - working on it!) Gaige for a spin through the Forge today. I’m running a blue Technophile COM that gives +6 to IO and +5 to… something, anyway.

Pre-patch build: http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#555050100051550050100551412120000000

Post-patch build: http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#555050100051550054100511412120000000

The patch means IO with the COM does give emergency slagging still (MM for the main part), and EB + sapping Gwen’s Head made short work of shield flesh enemies, although obviously not so much on robots.

Thoughts? I have a leg. Catalyst and Mechromancer waiting for me once I hit 70+, BTW.

Edit: Does Make it Sparkle allow you to use DT to apply slag?

Yes, it does.

Also, Shock Storm is now a better option for Catalyst builds because DT procs it after a kill. I would still go with So5G when using Roid shields and no LBT invesment, thou.
Also, unfortunately WDT wasnt fixed. How I wanted this to happen…

Didn’t knew DT could slag enemies? I know you can imbue him with slag but I thought his melee can’t slag enemies?