Possible Characters.....?

So we have all heard that Gearbox, god bless them, plans on releasing 5 more characters after launch. After playing the Beta and the CTT I feel pretty confident that we already know one. The dialog of The Algorithm makes me even a bit more certain.

I think one of the 5 undisclosed characters is going to be Nova.

She has been around as long as I can remember. And she is a what was it “Magnus” like Marquis and ISIC. She is also a reoccurring character. And since we were given both Kleese and Ghalt who spearheaded the missions for the most part. At least the ones we were given. Why not Nova shes both unique and already present.

Leave a comment if you agree, disagree, have other ideas, or you know the works.

Keep Calm and Praise Gearbox!!


I’m not sure it’d work considering she appears in the multiplayer modes as the announcer; I think Empress Lenore is a bigger possibility


I agree that it would make sense that she would appear as a playable character because most of the characters from the story mode are so far. But ArmoredElder has a point, she exchanges dialog with the characters in pvp at the base of either side. It follows a pattern but it seems unlikely.

Nova wouldn’t surprise me at all, and as for the issues of her being the announcer for PvP well, just give her some lines about it, it wouldn’t be too hard to create some material that addresses what’s going on and is funny as hell. Maybe she just becomes alot ruder to the opposing team or something

I do believe we will eventually see Empress Lenore, the question is will she be a playable character or an enemy? She could well have been corrupted by the Veralsi by now and we have to fight her. Personally I think there will be a story based mission where we have to go into the void and save her, probably as DLC, that would be the best way to do it.

As much as i do agree that the Empress could be playable I do still think Nova could be one as u could say its a pre recorded message as it goes to both sides.

Both would follow the pattern and it may be slightly weird that Nova speaks to Nova but it is not unheard of in other games and with gearbox making the game delightfully fun and wacky as is who is to say it can’t happen.

Looks like it’s not a possibility but confirmed actuality :slight_smile: http://mentalmars.com/battleborn/empress-lenore/

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Read it all it WAS a speculation and its VERY not confurmed

sorry,I might have goten a little overexcited,just read the article and noticed the dates,so it’s not confirmed,but still very possible,right? I mean,a vengeful empress would be pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be cool but i dont think that will happen

Honestly both have a high chance of becoming playable. It just seems likely to me brcause of how much nova has been mention or appeared already within the story and multiplayer.

ISIC was a boss fight and get he has become a playable character. Why not Nova since shes already on the side of the Battleborn as the 6th LLC Battleborn

Right, Nova makes alot of sense, I’d be more surprised if she didn’t appear

Assuming the Empress eventually becomes playable I wonder what we’ll get for the other factions, the UPR and the Rogues. The Rogues could be literally anything as they’ve had the craziest and most diverse group of characters so far. The UPR has been more standardized in comparison, I would imagine we’d get some kind of support character for the UPR as they dont really have one so far.

It is still possible. The figure used in the art looks to have a sword/shield type combo, suggesting a tankish nature which is something the Jennerit faction kind of lacks right now.

On a side not, I think a rogue verelsi character could be cool.

I’d like to see a UPR combat medic with drones for power skills.

Primary attack: somesort of gun/pistol
Secondary Attack: Drone output boost
Skill one: Summon healing drone on target.
Skill two: some kind of attack or cc drone.
Ult: Mega drone with aoe heal/damage capability.

That’s just one thought on how they could do something like that.

Because of the Empress, im pretty sure there will be 10 Heros released in the future. Because they will most likely release them in sets of 5, and im preeeeeeety sure Rendain will be playable one day.

I have no speculation on who it will be but I do think we’ll get more than 5. We just need to support the game and it will happen. As far as nova though. She currently has no body. She is the ship not some ai being that flies it. I don’t forsee them giving her new form.

Nova does have a body. 1st you see it in part in multiplayer. Second she is not the ship but a being as she was driving the ship and was just affected by an EMP.

As for getting more than 5 i am not sure, if they do it would be straining it a bit I think as they would do more repetition Like Oscar Mike/Whisky Foxtrot. But wewere given confirmation on 5 more for sure.

I did forget to answer this earlier when i was on my phone but…

A verelsi that would be playable in my mind brings the entire idea of a rouge faction to full swing. As they are the main enemy I think it would be unbelievably cool and would totally fit.

The UPR do need a support character to some degree as they are a bit lacking in that aspect although with the medics being as annoying as they are i think a character more like Reyna would be better where it just increases shields instantly and no continuous healing appears.

Also as a side note this is a great discussion on ideas. Even if you disagree I have not been persuaded that Nova has even only a slim chance of being a playable character. I still feel like Nova has a high chance of it. As for the Empress well if we get her as a playable character it would be cool but as stated above with the whole dlc idea I also think that is a viable possibility.

With that said another dlc being, depending on how the story goes if we fix all magnus or just ISIC, we could have a dlc set of missions where we correct the minds of all of them like we do with ISIC in a sense.

Keep posting everyone lets see what you come up with. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In some of kleese’s lore it is obvious that nova is a ship and the hologram body obviously can’t be used because you can’t attack a hologram. Also as far as more than 5 characters at pax today they said something along the lines of more than 5 character ideas.

These are the next 5.

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If you really think an AI body can’t work you have never played a video game before. Its not that hard to make a AI body work as something else who knows they might set it up in suit like they did with ISIC

Also i tried looking up your picture and your claim. I have found nothing that supports it sorry. you may be right but i still feel that Nova is viable and that the picture is wrong till i have a confirmation. Just how I am.