Possible Characters.....?

now, the avian guy seems rogue-ish. but could be also a peacekeeper
the snake guy looks also rogue-ish but could be an ancient jennerit
the guy in the mechsuit could be pacekeeper, jennerit or maybe llc
the winged girl looks jennerit or llc.

somehow i think there will be another 5 soon

Ok so the rough designs are cool but they may not be that accurate, go look up Deande’s silhouette from before she was revealed, they look nothing alike

it is fun trying to guess which faction they might be in though, so starting from the left I’ll say the robot is UPR, the short guy is Rogue, creepy guy is Jennerit, and the winged girl is LLC

Battleborn likes its bird characters. It would be cool to see the bird character having the ability to do 5 or so double jumps, so not to copy Benedicts flight ability

spoilers zz benedicts lore talks about his nest mate and how she could be alive on another planet. Peacekeeper one could be her maybe.

The lore I refer to is kinda hard to explain but is a corespondence between Kleese and Ghalt in which Kleese is asking Ghalt to buy him some absurd and rediculously expensive ferret. Kleese explains that it is necessary because it feeds on some by-product the ship produces. Ghalt responds in saying that it costs more than Nova herself. It carries on about some slippers too. I promise I’m done arguing against Nova now. It could be cool I just have faith that a whole new character would do more for the universe.

I started a similar thread before seeing this one, one where I theorise about the five new characters and the future PvE missions as well as the Varelsi and more, wanna check it out and let me know what you guys think?

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Personally that doesn’t make it seem like nova is the ship just saying. Also nothing against new characters but it just seems they are throwing nova in our faces a bit like they are saying hey hey guess what shes not available YET!

I did a lot of paraphrasing. She’s currently a ship!

As I said it’s hard to explain without it in front of me but I wasn’t reading between the lines. I also would like to point out that I don’t have a habit of reading between the lines proven by the fact that I’m not assuming that since there is an entity named Nova that she is meant to be playable.

We don’t even know if that ship survive the whole campaign though. If the ship is destroyed , we may indeed meet back Nova’s AI in something else than a ship later, but that’s too soon to know anything. And I don’t think that one of those 5 is nova, either.

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I don’t think those specific 5 are after seeing them but they do have the potential to be. Nova is just so obvious of a character option i find it hard to believe that at one point she won’t be playable. If she is one of the ones from that concept art its gonna be the back left or back right ones prob. And her faction is gonna be LLC.

I am not sure what faction the robot and the chicken are at but… I totally feel like that creepy thing is a Rogue, and that flying thing is Empress Lenore.

And is it just me, or didn’t Nova appear, as in a complete hologram, during the instructions of Meltdown and Incursion? On the left of the screen?

I don’t think the empress is there either and the one with wings I would say def LLC. I actually think we wont get the empress and will either save her in a mission or see her in dlc missions.

I would rather see the empress stay unknown for a while longer than see her come out as the 1st dlc so I think your predictions are wrong. Imo

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I’m really hoping Nova is a playable character, I’m pretty sure they can make it work.

Though to be honest, I don’t care too much about them, I really just want to know who that mech character was in the back.

I think Empress Lenore is a bigger possibility

When I hear the name Lenore, I think about Bill from King of the Hill.


LOL … New Battleborn Unlocked: Bill / Lenore!

That mech one doesnt really interest me at first glance. I do think Nova is more likely the Lenore. But both are possible.

I wanna see that winged one for sure and alani looks cool. Nova is still my top pic for a character to have though.

I’m most interested in Snake Man, followed closely by Aerodynamic Robot… unlike some here I have no clue who they will end up being but they interest me.

Is it confirmed that alani is eldrid,i honestly dont know but people never mention anything about eldrid during there descriptions.

There are pictures of her with the Eldrid title but not sure if they are real media or fan created. As an aside I think it would be cool if her ult was a creature summon, I wish there was a summoner type character in the game.

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Ahh that does explain a bit otherwise i would have said alani is peacekeeper.

As for a summoner i think it would be cool we dont have one and it could work really well depending on how u do it.