Possible cheating in multiplayer and singleplayer

Right, so I went on the game, and I decided to select some units with shift(the button), but when I clicked on an allied ship with it, I got full control of it in the corner. Only scuttle and cancel did not work:

This also happened in multiplayer, but I didn’t want to move other people’s ships so I just selected them like before.

I’ve just tested it, it’s not really working.

For example, if you send a move command, you see the green line saying ‘I’m going there’ but the cpu player stop the command just after that (you can see it because when you mouse over the ship the green line doesn’t exist anymore)
Tested also with “retire” where you clearly see the ship go for it then stop half a second later.

Edit : at least when your ally is a cpu. If it doesn’t stop when the ally is a human player, I can clearly understand your concern !

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Someone could still use other people’s resources by hyperspacing thier capital ships and could HS them into a battle fleet, so…