Possible cheating

Is there a preferred format for talking about potential cheaters? Just played a match of Incursion against a Thorn who could literally jump 10+ feet in the air (she could jump on to the sniping platform from the ground on Overgrowth and jumped through the roofs on the indoor tunnel area) and had apparently zero cool down on her ult as she constantly had two of them going at once pretty much permanently throughout the match. Is this the work of a dodgy player, or are antics like these somehow legitamately possible on Thorn? It was completely impossible to hit her as she simply bounced up and out of view constantly.

This was on PS4 btw, which I thought was essentially hack proof.

I met a Thorn like that (tag: chuck_something…) a while ago where I suspected foul play.

On PS and was as from another planet.

Thorn can jump really high, level 7 helix. If she is level 10 she can choose the helix that leaves a blight field after her ULT. Giving her two blights.

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Do we need replays? As is, its all but impossible to detect cheaters in this game. There’s little ways of obtaining proof of offenders, even something as obvious as aimbotting.

She was definitely doing it straight from level 5, pretty much the entire battlefield was littered with aoe fields meaning our entire team couldn’t do anything. She also took out the entire team (all 5 players) in under a second with her ult at around level 6 or 7.

Well then, probably hax lol!