Possible ddos in battleborn

Um could someone explain if this was a ddos or not cause I’ve never been attacked by 1. Last night me and 2 friends were all in a group, then randomly we all got kicked from game, and we couldn’t log in even though we turned our systems off multiple times. It wasn’t an Internet issue because I know that I at least was registered as online through psn but battleborn just wouldn’t work for 30 straight mins.

I’m not sure it was specifically against Battleborn. Check out the graph here:

(Image version for posterity; link below for current data)

Edit: Note that the top problem was sign-in.

Oh so I was merely partially signed in then?

Not sure - it depends on how the login and matchmaking transactions are handled between the clients, the platform (PSN in your case), SHiFT login, and the actual game servers (if they aren’t the same.)