Possible easter egg(s)? Balex

I think I found where Balex originated… Night Rider S2E20, has an AI Teddy Bear that talks trash.

Also I’m not sure if anyone has noticed previously, but Brick (specifically dialogue) seems inspired by Chris Farley (in general), possibly from the Tommy Boy movie, never really noticed before.

Brick = Tommy Boy? Explain, please?

His overall personality and yelling “That’s Awesome!” at moments when you think someone would be typically upset. Although I’m not sure where the ‘punch everything to fix it’ comes from.

bob the builder

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Okay but did you catch the Lego Movie reference in Roland’s Rest? Vaughn has a double-decker couch.

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Balex is a member of the FLTG for some reason. Also there are at least 9 legendaries that are definitely red text references for old “core” and modern prog metal bands. Between the Buried and me, Mastodon, Horse the Band, etc.