Possible Elemental Gaige?

(mathewkoeberle) #1

Please look over my skill trees, and if possible give tips?


Using a shock bone, and a wired zapper com.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2

Definitely possible (though I play at OP3, and the returns are vastly diminishing at OP8 if you plan to park there). I’d recommend a point in Make It Sparkle and pull five points out of whatever you want from the top tier of the Little Big Trouble tree and put it into Strength of Five Gorillas. Robot Rampage with So5G and Make It Sparkle makes Deathtrap hit hard enough to hurt (and in a pinch, if you slag him, he’ll slag enemies that he hits).

Otherwise, that’s pretty much how I roll elemental Gaige (though I put her “extra” points down the Best Friends Forever tree).

If you can get your hands on one, it’s hard to beat a Legendary Catalyst for this sort of build, but a Wired Zapper is no slouch for this sort of thing.

What sort of weapons/shields/grenades are you packing?

(mathewkoeberle) #3

I mostly run with a Thunderball fist, sham, quasar.

I wish I could find a legendary catalyst com. Thanks for the tips I’ll definitely try them.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #4

The Crit from Tiny Tina’s DLC (which isn’t too hard to get) is epic for this if you can handle the occasional drop (it’s not as bad as it’s made out to be).

The Storm is awesome with this build, but super rare. :confused:

(mathewkoeberle) #5

I was thinking of a twister, but alas I don’t have the patience.

  • Nth degree is great - I’d recommend 5/5.
  • More Pep is not great - if your COM is boosting it, just put in one point ( which frees up two for Nth ).
  • I/O is great but only if boosted ( by the Leg Catalyst - which I highly recommend if you can find one ). I’d put those points into Gorillas or Fancy Math.
  • Sparkle is worth the one point if you’re there already.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #7

Still - it’s pretty epic in her hands (it’s off-brand for me, so I keep forgetting about it).

(Carlton Slayer) #8

Just a tweak, as what you had isn’t too far off my own no capstone Gaige (aka Queen Scream- that link is the build I use for her). Even being boosted by a L. Catalyst com I feel that 1 point in I/O is fine. I also tend to use shotguns and the Fibber as her primary weapons so I don’t get a lot of use out of The Better Half- I have those 4 points split between TBH and So5G (your weapon choice might make this more of what you want though so don’t take this as a mandatory or ‘best’ build - it just works for me :grin:). As of late I’ve been using a True Neutral Necromancer com from the Tiny Tina dlc- it boosts mag size so now she runs with a shock Vengeful Infinity as her main weapon- a nice change of pace from her usual gear…

(mathewkoeberle) #9

And I’m thinking a florintine

(mathewkoeberle) #10

Thanks, I used to use the fibber religiously, but the one I had got out classed and I haven’t grabbed a new one yet.

(mathewkoeberle) #11

So after some play testing, I don’t think elemental Gaige is compatible with my play style

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #12

It definitely works with her (and the ‘free’ slag is nice).

How’s that?

(mathewkoeberle) #13

I can’t take out loaders even with a twin hornet. I’m thinking maybe switching to a true anarchy Gaige.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #14

…something’s wrong: even at very high OP levels, a Hornet is quite good against Loaders. Are they slagged? Shielded? Are they PWR/BUL/ION Loaders? What COM/Relic are you using?

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #15

This shouldn’t be an issue, even at op8 assuming a close to on lvl gun. Slag them, make sure they aren’t shielded, aim for crits. Add a corrosive bone if needed and check what type of loader it is.

(mathewkoeberle) #16

It’s any loader, but I’m using a wired zapper, and I’m using a shock bone. Should I have one of each of the bones?

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #17

A lot of people like to carry one of each, but it’s up to you. Your class mod shouldn’t matter much, the hornet is a good weapon by itself

(mathewkoeberle) #18

I don’t quite get it, myself.

(Carlton Slayer) #19

What level is your Hornet? Also, you can run an Anarchy/elemental Gaige if you want, although the Anarchy stacks are going to make aiming problematic…

(mathewkoeberle) #20

Well I’m only op1 so my hornet is op1 as well. I don’t have a problem scoring hits, just hits that do enough damage.